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Ricoh had it's beginnings back in 1936 when Kiyoshi Ichimura founded the Riken Kankoshi Co. The name was changed in 1938 to the Riken Optical. Beginning. In 1940, the Ricohflex, a twin-lens reflex was introduced.

Ricoh cameras reached their zenith during the 1950s with over 1 million cameras being sold by 1954 in Japan. Ricoh introduced many variations of the original Ricohflex, including numerous cameras with the Ricohflex label. Other cameras were announced including the Diacord during 1958, the Ricohmatic during 1959 plus the Auto 66 during 1960

In 1963, the company assumed it's camera line name and simply became Ricoh. When the TLR fad cameras started winding down, Ricoh switched to single-lens reflex screw-mount cameras, or SLR, designs in 1964.

Ricoh persisted in making SLR film cameras before switching to digital camera designs in 2007. Since then, Ricoh has mainly stayed with compact digital consumer grade cameras.

In 2009 Ricoh announced the Ricoh GXR camera, which debuted as a totally unique, but on par compact and revolutionary method to designing cameras. In place of an interchangeable lens, the GXR system relies on self-contained lens/sensor components which attach to a basic camera digital module.

Ricoh Acquires Pentax from Hoya to Create Interchangeable Lens Camera Company
Their Pentax Imaging Systems arm will be spun-off as a new operation while all shares were transferred over to Ricoh as of October 1st, 2012. The deal also included the Pentax camera creation subsidiary located in Vietnam. A general statement from Hoya explains how Ricoh was looking to create a consumer cameras operation and sought the Pentax interchangeable lens camera expertise, lens expertise and sales avenues. It has plans for the operation to specifically include an interchangeable lens camera operation. Terms of the transaction were not released but the Nikkei Business Daily, a Japanese business paper reports the deal was around 10 billion yen ($124.2 million). October 1, 2012 ✓

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Ricoh Digital Cameras

Ricoh WG-6
Announced Feb 21, 2019 | 20 megapixels | 3″ screen | 28 140 mm (5)

Ricoh  CX5 Digital Camera

Ricoh CX5

 Jan 26, 2011 ✓
10 MP 3″ screen
28 300 mm (10.7)

Ricoh CX6

Ricoh CX6
Nov 15, 2011 ✓
10 MP 3″ screen
28 300 mm (10.7)
Ricoh GR II
Ricoh GR II

Announced Jul 17, 2015 16 megapixels | 3″ screen | 28 mm 

Ricoh GR Digital IV 10MP compact with 'Hybrid AF

Ricoh GR Digital IV
Sep 15, 2011 ✓
10 MP 3″ screen
28 mm

Ricoh PX 16MP Compact

Ricoh PX CCD rugged compact

Announced Jun 9, 2011 ✓
16MP 3" screen
28 140 mm (5)

Ricoh WG-5 GPS
Ricoh WG-5 GPS

Announced Feb 10, 2015
16 megapixels 3″ screen 25 100 mm (4)
Ricoh WG-30W
Ricoh WG-30W
Oct 8, 2014
16 MP 2.7″ screen
28 140 mm (5) 
Ricoh G700 Waterproof Digital Camera - Coming soon
Ricoh G700 SE Digital Camera - Coming soon


  • Ricoh CX4 Compact Digital Camera - Announced Apr 19, 2010
  • Ricoh GR Digital III 10.1MP Compact Camera

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