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Polaroid Digital Cameras capture the good times in true-to-life color. Look to the name you've always trusted for digital still cameras. Whether you click snapshots of your new grandson on weekends or capture wildlife photos on treks across the globe, there's a Polaroid digital camera with the features you need at a price you can afford.

 Polaroid Digital Cameras

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Polaroid Digital Cameras
Polaroid Z2300 'instant' digital camera with built-in printer - June 27, 2012
Polaroid a Series Digital Point and Shoot Cameras
a Series cameras are designed for the budding photographer. Priced to fit any budget, these fixed-focus cameras vividly capture your memories, and have features usually reserved for higher priced models, like video, SD compatibility, auto white balance, and red-eye reduction/ fill flash.
Polaroid i Series Digital Point and Shoot Cameras
i Series cameras will excite the photo enthusiast. You can include audio with your video files or tag your images with audio. You can access from 10 to 21 scene modes, including 16:9 (HDTV). Some models help you take perfect shots every time, by including high-end features like Anti Shake Image Stabilization, Face Tracking, and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer (see below).
Polaroid t Series Digital Point and Shoot Cameras
t Series cameras are designed with the perfectionist in mind. These digital came ras provide a full complement of innovative, high-end features, that you access via a touch screen. To help you capture perfect photos every time, every camera features Anti Shake Image Stabilization, Face Tracking, Dynamic Contrast Enhancer (see below), and 20 scene modes. Some models provide Panoramic Stitching, so you can snap seamless panoramas effortlessly. Designed for the adventurer, the t833 is waterproof and shock-resistant.

Discontinued Polaroid Cameras

  • Polaroid a330
  • polaroid_a530.htm" Polaroid a530
  • polaroid_a540.htm" Polaroid a540
  • polaroid_a544.htm" Polaroid
  • polaroid_a930.htm" Polaroid a930
  • polaroid_i1036.htm Polaroid i1036
  • polaroid_i1037.htm" Polaroid i1037
  • polaroid_i1237.htm" Polaroid i1237
  • polaroid_t1031.htm" Polaroid t1031
  • polaroid_t1035.htm" Polaroid t1035
  • polaroid_t1232.htm" Polaroid t1232
  • polaroid_t1234.htm" Polaroid t1234
  • polaroid_t1235.htm" Polaroid t1235

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