Olympus TG-810 14MP Waterproof/Shockproof Camera

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Not the typical run of the mill image-maker

Olympus TG-810 Waterproof Digital Camera This Olympus TG-810 Compact Digital Camera is not the typical run of the mill sort of image-creator. It's a 14MP digital compact with a 5x, 28-140mm wide-angle equivalent lens that's good to go for any escapade you care to chase. It's waterproof down to 33' (10 m), , dustproof, freeze proof to 14F (0C), while it's been tested to continue to work after a 6.6' (2 m) fall along with 220 lbs of squashing force (while the 3 inch high-resolution screen is ultra scratch-defiant).

Besides making gorgeous photos, the TG-810 creates 1280 x 720p impressive HD movies. You will not only grasp the image, you will always know exactly where it was shot and the way to get back there and return again with the built-in GPS, a compass, and a device called a manometer that supervises depth or altitude.

But under the macho exterior of the TG-810 beats an artist's heart: Magic Filters assists you rev the creativity level up with Pin Hole, Pop Art, Fish-eye, Drawing, Soft Focus, Watercolor, Punk and Sparkle and custom impression that can be added to your images. A 3D mode makes images that can be seen on laptops or 3D TVs. An ion-board panorama function makes it easy to capture and stitch 3 photos together for an extremely wide-angle panoramic photo. Beauty mode lets all of your people subjects look their very best by making the shadows and wrinkles softer while their eyes are enhanced. Dual image stabilization assures that your photos will be clear and sharp, with no blurring or shaking from slow shutter conditions.

The GPS was nearly useless with only 33 out of 800 shots actually being geotagged! The ones successfully tagged contained poor precision. The 810 takes more than 5 seconds before it's ready to shoot the first image. They may call it a tough camera, although it's a poor one. although the video is an improvement over 1030, the focus constantly searches, lurching to and from focus. Additionally it has an unpredictable joy-stick, requiring a recheck every adjustment made.  Announced Mar 2, 2011 ✓



Olympus TG-810 Waterproof Digital Camera

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