Olympus SP-810UZ worlds longest compact 36x wide-angle zoom

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Olympus SP-810UZ Worlds Longest 36x Wide-angle Zoom

Olympus SP-810UZ 36x wide-angle zoom Travel photographers seeking a camera with enough flexibility to get in close and personal for gorgeous macro flower photos while traversing exotic islands or the ability to capture the wonder of Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser literally from several hundred feet away and ever needing to change a lens, now can get the ultimate camera since this new SP-810UZ has been introduced. Containing a wide-angle 1:2.9-5.7 24 to 864mm telephoto zoom lens featuring an 36x optical zoom, allowing this S-series Olympus camera to become one of the most petite digital compact cameras in the world on the current market featuring a 36x zoom, giving even more evidence that Olympus allows you to capture all of it.

This SP-810UZ has the most zoom implementation Olympus has ever provided. No compact digital Olympus camera has ever allowed such extraordinary wide-angle zoom operation. As the most formidable digital camera the Olympus ultrazoom category, it becomes an heir to the esteemed SP-800UZ.

From expert Still image and HD Movie capture at the soccer field sidelines to bird-watching from a riverboat, just engage the AF Tracking function to lock in focus on fast-moving subjects to keep them focused, even while they are moving to and from of your frame. The quick, wide zoom 1:2.9-5.7 24-864mm lens in combination with the Dual Image Stabilizer, Shadow Adjustment Technology, enhanced ISO sensitivity, plus TruePic III+ imaging processor assure tack-sharp images and virtually do away with blur occurring in high-definition (HD) movies. Using HDMI Control, you have the ability to employ the remote of your HDTV to direct playback functions and flip through the camera's menus right from the solace of your sofa.

Become Creative and Express Yourself More There are Ten Magic Filters add your own creative sight to videos and stills for enhanced artistic expression. A New Miniature Filter compresses the focus depth and augments color and contrast allowing you to adjust your real-life photos to resemble a magical toy universe. A new Reflection Filter inserts a reflection onto your subject as if it were in the middle of a glassy, tranquil lake. Using the 3D-function, the SP-810UZ unites two images of the identical subject from different points of view to create dynamic 3D photos that can be observed on a 3D-attuned monitor or TV. One more creative function is the on board Panorama, allowing you to easily capture an ultra-wide angle photo just by panning your camera across your scene to integrate three shots into just one right inside your camera.

Easy Operation By getting rid of time-eating manual functions, the SP-810UZ has freed you up to give attention to your photography. Intelligent Auto Mode distinguishes five of the most common photo situations and robotically optimizes settings like focus and illumination. And remember the family pet! Just go to Pet Detection function to robotically capture the face of your furry friend as it looks into the camera. The SP-810UZ also is congruent with an available Eye-Fi SD memory card, providing Wi-Fi capability allowing you to robotically upload images into your computer as they are captured. Become the life of your social media get together by instantly uploading your shots.

The SP-810UZ will come in black, beginning in September 2011. It will include a Protective Lens Cap with Strap, Camera Strap, Lithium-Ion Battery (LI-50C), Charger, Audio/Video Cable, USB Cable, a USB-AC Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Instruction Manual, Software CD-ROM and Warranty Card. Jul 28, 2010 ✓



Olympus SP-810UZ 36x wide-angle Zoom

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