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Fujifilm X10 Compact Digital Camera A cool point & shoot that does much more than the name suggests. Created for manual function, HD video recording, and RAW shooting capacity the X10 is just begging to become your creative companion when a DSLR camera isn't the most realistic option. Of course, the X10 is light, yet manufactured of die-case magnesium, providing a sort of old-school appearance and feel. Enhancing that look, and functionality, is the viewfinder and integrated flash unit.

It's also very well equipped. It's more than just a snapshot camera. A 12Mp 2/3 inch CMOS EXR image sensor records both high resolution still images and 1080p HD movies. The lens is 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) zoom featuring an f/2.0 lens aperture with manual zoom capabilities. The Fujinon lens also contains an exclusive Super Electron Beam Coat which assures high quality photography capture from any vantage point of the lens.

When it's time to analyze images or compose using the screen, a 2.8" LCD monitor has it covered. This monitor includes high-contrast viewing making it easy to view, even in bright outdoors. It doesn't matter how you compose with the camera, it allows you a choice to capture in either JPEG or RAW file formats. You can also benefit from the in-camera RAW file processing. Film Simulation functions are helpful as well giving your images a look of their own.

Other X10 features include functions such as an electronic gauge for horizon leveling. This gauge assesses for level images, without using a tripod. One more helpful option is Motion Panorama 360 for creating seamless panoramas. There's also a Fast power start-up to acquire photos in a short as 0.8 seconds time.  Announced Sep 1, 2011



Fujifilm X10 Compact Digital Camera

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