Fujifilm F770 EXR CMOS 20x Compact Superzoom

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Redefines the Possibilities a Small Compact Camera Can Acomplish

Fujifilm f770EXR CMOS 20x compact superzoom The Fujifilm f770 EXR redefines the possibilities of what a small compact camera can do with it's high-performing specs plus a 20x optical zoom. The f770 EXR also features enhanced GPS functionality, an improved EXR-CMOS 16-megapixel sensor, plus stylish design touches in addition to it's wide-range zoom, yet the body dimensions are small. Having such a power house performance in a pocketable case, the f770EXR designed for both travelers and families is an ideal camera for capturing a diverse array of photographs.

The f770EXR Digital Camera is a point & shoot digital camera that shoots both still and video images. It has the ability to capture still images up to 16 megapixels, along with Full 1920 x 1080p HD video at 30 fps. The f770EXR contains a 16MP CMOS illuminated back side 1/2" EXR image sensor that features a primary color filter. Also it has an EXR processor plus EXR Auto, that supports up to 103 shooting patterns along with with motion detection. This innovative motion detection instantaneously recognizes 58 unique kinds of scenes and can automatically optimize every available setting to create a crisp and high-contrast still image.

The f770EXR comes equipped with a built-in Fujinon optical 20x zoom lens (equivalent 25mm wide-angle in 35mm). Plus, to get close to the far off action is a non-issue, because If the optical 20x zoom isn't quite enough reach, the camera also has an intelligent 40x digital zoom. One more standard shooting aid included with f770EXR is not one, but two image stabilizers. It has both the CMOS Shift and the High ISO stabilization included, which assures that your images remain in-focus, clear and crisp - even using 20x zoom. This latest machine from Fujifilm also lay claim to a quicker start-up of just 1.3 seconds, which is an improvement in response time of around 0.8 seconds, plus a high-speed autofocus which can totally focus the shot in as little time as just 0.16 seconds which seems almost too quick to believe.

And while you're out and about shooting, the FinePix offers continuous high-speed shooting, plus 320fps high-speed video shooting. Also, the f770EXR comes equipped with automatic flash pop-up, intuitive control palette, and a crisp 3.0" color LCD screen for simple recording with instant playback. The LCD also features a Sunlight Mode for the monitor, a setting that lets you view your display even out in intense sunlight without requiring a hood or any other device that blocks the sun. The FinePix ieven has the capability to capture 3D images using Individual Shutter 3D photography.  Jan 5, 2012  In White, Black, Red, Blue



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