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Acquire Still Images Up to 16 Megapixels

Fujifilm FinePix F750 EXR The Fujifilm F750 EXR point & shoot still and video digital camera with the ability to acquire still mages up to 16 megapixels, plus capture HD 1920 x 1080p movies at 30 fps. The 100%EXR contains a back side lite 16MP 1/2" CMOS EXR image sensor featuring a primary color filter. Also it includes an EXR processor including EXR Auto, with 103 shooting patterns along with motion sensing. The unique motion detection can instantly recognize 58 unique scene types and automatically optimizes every setting to create a sharp high-contrast still image. The Finepix F750 EXR comes equipped with a Fujinon 25mm wide-angle 20x optical zoom.

And for getting in closer from far away to what's going on is no problem. And If this 20x optical zoom is a little short, the F70EXR has an intelligent 40x digital zoom also. Another shooting aid which comes as a standard feature on this FinePix camera is not one but two image stabilizers. It has both CMOS Shift plus image stabilization that's High ISO , which all but guarantees that your framing stays in-focus, sharp and clear - even when using the 20x zoom. This latest Fujifilm camera also has a quicker start-up time which is just 1.3 seconds, which improves the response time by 0.8 seconds, In addition high-speed AF can totally focused your shot in as little time as 0.17 seconds which is feels almost too quick to believe.

When you go out doing shooting, the FinePix can deliver continuous high-speed shooting, along with 320fps high-speed video capture. Additionally, the F750 EXR features automatic pop-up flash, intuitive control palette, and a crisp 3.0" color LCD screen for trouble-free recording and instant review. The LCD even contains a Sunlight Monitor Mode, a setting which helps you clearly see your display screen even out in intense sunlight without requiring a hood or some other type of sun-blocking device. The F750 EXR can even acquire 3D images using Individual Shutter 3D capture.

The FinePix F750 EXR's features list is virtually never ending, In addition to improving upon your scene setup, the F750 EXR can also broaden your artistic opportunities. It will allow you to create multiple exposures for use within a single frame while you can also make use of the camera to originate 360 sweeping Motion Panorama images that stretch to a full 360 going clear around your shooting position. it even has an Image Processing function, a Simulated Film Mode, an Advanced Low Light Mode, and numerous standard filters to select from including black-&-white, sepia and others. Finally, when you are ready to upload to the net and share your still images and videos, you can share all your images by making usie of the F750 EXR's social networking mode, allows easy uploading onto Facebook and YouTube. If you would like to share shooting with your immediate family and friends, an HDMI port allows connecting to a HDTV a no brainer. ✓



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