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Nikon Coolpix P7100 Digital Camera The Nikon P7100 Compact Digital Camera allows you take your artistic creativity with you wherever you travel. No matter if you're on vacation or at a party, or you just want a lightweight camera to take with you, the P7100 is raring to be with you whenever you go! Although plenty of cameras have the ability do just that, they can not all give you the same astounding versatility and creativity choices that this Nikon compact can.

Before we get down to the on-board manual choices or the special effects, let's think about that this "point & shoot" (from a technical point of view) has 10.1 megapixels of power inside it plus a 1/1.7" CCD sensor. That image sensor, combined with an EXPEED C2 Imaging Processor, performs not only to create magnificent and superbly detailed pictures; the two combined assure a quick and effective camera. Often called the camera's heart, these two provide features such as high-speed continuous imaging plus a noise-reduction filter.

Although More than just a still camera, the P7100 also shoots 720p high def video including stereo sound. Which translates into super looking and fantastic sounding movies on your HD TV for the entire family to take pleasure in. Other movie capturing aspects include optical zoom management plus auto focus.

Naturally, the P7100 would not get you too far without having an out of this world lens. The NIKKOR ED 7.1x zoom glass lens does not disappoint. It acts like a 28-200mm SLR 35mm lens with focal range letting you can zoom from wide-angle all the way to telephoto without ever blinking your eye. All those close-up images and all those sweeping vistas become easily within your grasp. The lens additionally works in harmony with the 4-Way image stabilizer VR system for unpolluted, motion-free pictures.

Although the stamp of a digital point & shoot camera is the capacity to shoot using full automatic, Nikon is aware that you want the P7100 to shoot more than just auto. That's why it has versatile manual functions. it even features a command dial in front so you're totally in command of the camera operation at all times. Additional features, like bracketing options, a 3200 ISO, and it even has a virtual horizon, assuring that you'll come away with exactly the shot you wanted. Naturally, those four classic exposure functions (P/S/A/M) is fundamental ingredient to this sort of photography. With in-camera effects and other aspects such as macro mode and HDR settings, and you've got yourself one fantastic little camera that brings the pleasure back into point & shoot photography.

This isn't the camera Nikon leads you to believe you're going to get. The Canon PowerShot G-12 is a much better camera although still not quite the camera as the Canon PowerShot S-95! I'd like to recommend that before you buy the P7100 that you go to a place that sells it and try it out, take some photos at various ISO settings and attempt to find your way thru the assortment of menus prior to buying it! Check out the comparisons side by side of noise with various ISO settings. See how difficult it is to obtain things like complete histograms, and other feedback.

I'm serious!! Don't rely upon Nikon (or Canon for that matter) to give you the straight stuff about how the cameras is as great as the discovery of sliced bread since it;s a NIKON!! Bull!! The professional Nikon DSLRs are super and can be purchased sight unseen. Not so for these consumer point and shoots. Aug 24, 2011 ✓

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Nikon Coolpix P7100 Digital Camera

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