Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Compact Camera

This Powerhouse can Capture Everything

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Easy to do with the SX260 that's an ultra-slim compact camera with a power house 20x Optical Zoom, plus Optical Image Stabilizer and Wide-Angle 25mm lens is just the tip of its attributes. You can see astonishing detail you never imagined possible looking through the big wide-angle zoom lens, while the SX260's 12.1 MP High-Sensitivity CMOS image Sensor combined with the DIGIC 5 Imaging Processor provide clear rich low-light feat that has become hallmark of the Canon HS SYSTEM. There's Full 1080p HD movies in stereo, no less, more striking than ever before, with new high-speed processing in high-resolution. Other high-level advancements include up-dated Smart AUTO with optimized pre-sets for 58 shooting circumstances that include, GPS to track and record your shooting locations. and Face ID to prioritize pre-determined faces

Amazingly Slim

The SX260 is Ultra-slim Camera featuring a high power 20x Optical Zoom, an Optical Image Stabilizer and a Wide-Angle 25mm Lens Being slightly more than 1-1/4 inch. in thickness, the SX260 HS is thus an ultra-slim compact digital camera featuring a high powered 20x Optical Zoom. However because its lens encompasses the quality along with the legacy of proven Canon Optics, the benefits go far past making the camera thin enough to easily slip into a pocket and take anywhere. Featuring a range of 25 through 500mm (which is 35mm equivalent), the attached lens gives you plenty of power to acquire the full latitude of scenes, with awesome details you've never been able to capture in the past. Images are vivid and brilliant with spectacular clarity

Sophisticated Image Stabilization

Often handheld shooting can lead up to camera shake, which can make pictures and movies blurry. The Canon Optical Image Stabilization is a complex system which uses lens-shift engineering to take care of camera movement that's unwanted. It turns handheld photography into practical, excellent image quality for many difficult shooting environments such as, indoors without a flash, outdoors at dusk, while even using the long end of the telephoto zooming range without the need for a tripod. For pictures, it allows taking shots using slower shutter speeds, for more poor-light shooting circumstances than ever available before without the need to boost ISO. Because the vibration and camera shake and is diminished, you get a much steadier, sharper image. And with the optical image system, there is no image degradation that's common with an electronic image stabilizer.

Ultra High Refractive Lens Technology

UA Lens technology allows compact lenses to deliver astounding optical performance. By employing molded glass that uses aspherical lens elements with a refractive index that's ultra-high , Canon has been successful in shrinking the lens size while reducing image aberrations significantly. One more example of stellar cutting-edge optics by Canon, The UA Lens engineering helps in making PowerShot compact cameras pocket-friendly with the capability of capturing astounding quality images. Experience the Power  Experience the Power ✓

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