Canon PowerShot G1 X: Big 14.3 MP Sensor, 12,800 ISO

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Canon PowerShot G1 X: 12,800 ISO, Big $800 Price Tag

Canon PowerShot G1 X The Canon PowerShot is popular series with both amateurs and pros alike. There are times when you just don't feel like out out carrying a big, heavy DSLR around, but you want something better than a basic point & shoot camera; and, a micro four thirds just isn't your thing. The Canon PowerShot G1 X Compact Digital handles your wishes, while still keeping things uncomplicated. The G1 X has joined up with (although doesn't replace) the Canon G12.

Shoot using the basic auto function, and let the G1 X take care of the groundwork for you, or select all your settings using the manual mode - letting your creativity run amok. Whatever you're in the mood for, the G1 X camera builds upon the reputation of the Powershot's before it, giving you a camera that's easy to take with you with loads of features that will keep you gratified and taking pictures all day long. You'll never become frustrated or bored, instead you'll find a multitude of options, with the capacity to keep things fresh on every shot. The photo and shooting effects inside the G1 X expand the creativity of the photographer. A brief sample of the modes includes: Landscape, Custom, Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, Sports, Program (along with all his accomplices: Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Priority, plus manual mentioned above, and more.), Nostalgic, Super Vivid, Monochrome, Toy Camera Effect, Poster Effect, plus lots some.

Another fascinating element is the availability of the Movie Digest that can create highlight a video from your day's shoot. When the Movie Digest is turned on the G1x will then automatically capture a brief video clip (as long as 4 seconds) each time you capture a still image. The whole day's worth of these clips will then be automatically compiled into one single video. Naturally, the included High Dynamic Range mode takes several images to ensuring you'll end up with a photo that's right for you - one slightly underexposed, one that's overexposed, and a normal one. These three are combined into is balanced, evenly detailed featuring flattering highlights and shadows image.

More than simply putting a throng of options in your fingertips, the G1 X additionally delivers respectable image quality using an enhanced CMOS 14.3 mp 1.5" imaging sensor. This is more than 4 mp than the company's previous version in the Powershot series. Additional improvements incorporates an ISO range which now extends to 12,800, along with 1080p HD video - increased from the 720p of the past. The G1x also has a dedicated movie function button allowing for single-push capture of video. You'll be happy to discover the 28mm (equivalent 35mm) lens has been left alone, although now with an 4x optical zoom plus an optional 16x combined zoom. In addition, the G1x also has a somewhat larger LCD monitor, now 3.0". A Vari-Angle option continues as a series hallmark along with an optical viewfinder.

One could disappear into a rabbit borough in an attempt to explain all the ins and outs of the G1 X. Although, if I had to summarize the camera's basic concept it would be the G1 X allows you plenty of room to move about almost every direction you might want to delve into. Manual mode? Yes. Want to shoot in 1080p video along with audio? Yes. An HDR addict? Yes! You can do that here. What's more, even though the camera features an on-board flash it also lets you use optional Canon Speedlites using a hot shoe providing more advanced poor light capture, a part of the many features included on this outstanding camera. Jan 9, 2012 ✓

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