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G12, Ready to Impress Advanced Amateures

Canon PowerShot G12 Compact Camera The Canon PowerShot G12 HD digital camera. While many of it's features remain true to the G11 , the G12 has jumped into the frey with what has fast become a digital camera staple, digital video, (featuring stereo to boot!). Capture 720x1280p HD including stereo audio on this versatile, yet compact point and shoot.  Replaced by the G16

The G12 allows for easy shooting of movies and viewing them using high definition (and pictures) on your HDTV. There's a HDMI mini connector letting you connect direct to your HD monitor or HD TV letting you take pleasure experiencing HD without any image degradation or audio signal loss, plus the capability to display as many as 130 thumbnails at once.

Additionally, G12 also stays competitive using the 10 mp still image recording of JPEG and RAW formats to SD / SDHC / SDXC, among other memory cards, assisted with the camera's 1/1.7 inch CCD sensor plus the DIGIC 4 imaging processor, otherwise named the Canon HS system. The G12 also goes up to ISO 3200 for excellent poor-light photography.

Long admired for their stealth nature, the EOS camera series are great for amateurs and professionals alike. These are not large digital professional SLRs, although they manage to pack in a whole bunch of interesting and appreciated features, making the G12 a whole lot easier to go places with you. More added features pros, or anyone with a desire to make great pictures, will be grateful for include the manual control option, along with the illustrious IS Canon hybrid mode, being a combination of a Canon 28mm lens, image stabilization, 5x optical zoom, plus optical. Hybrid IS which is especially encourage to make the job of acquiing stunning macro shots easy.

Another G12 noteworthy feature is it's high dynamic range. Spring boarding on the bracketing principle, HDR helps you acquire well-balanced photos using both high and low lights (also called shadow) in an pleasing manner - giving the pop factor to your images i-Contrast. i-Contrast lets the photographer choose the quantity of correction to be used on the image, which is helpful in preventing stress and keeping the details from becoming lost in the shadows. Canon's AF Tracking is also used here, allowing the photographer to choose a monitoring theme in the case there's movement during the movie capture Announced Sep 14, 2010  Oct 13, 2011 ✓

Canon G12 GuideCanon PowerShot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots
A book for anybody who wants to give it their best shot but not quite sure about the next step. A manual, and other competing books exhist, and while they mostly inform camera owners, most often inside of 400+ pages, all about what the camera will do.

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