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Your Four Year Old
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Canon PowerShot D10 Waterproof Digital Camera The best feature about the Powershot D10 camera? You can allow your 5 year old to shoot underwater images and not fret over it, You can not do that with many other "genuine" cameras! The D10 lets you float down that indolent river down at the water resort along with your friends and family and grab some great shots rather than staying along the bank trying to capture just the right moment. And the great thing is that the D10 camera is also a land lubber. It's the ideal no-nonsense take with you everywhere (yep every place) get away camera.

The PowerShot D10 digital compact digital camera was created for those that have an exploration urge, itís a digital camera as bold as the dynamic life you live. Did I mention that It is freeze-proof, waterproof, and shockproof; and itís hearty enough to endure what you dish out. Plus it has every high performance aspect you insist upon from a Canon compact digital camera. it's got 12.1 MP of resolution in addition to all the Canon mighty, state of the art image engineering allowing you to capture your most ambitious encounters in astounding hues and breathtaking details.

Take D10 camera anywhere: cold resistant, waterproof, plus shockproof In life you can end up almost anyplace. So Canon created a digital camera robust enough to go when and where you do and create the sort of awe-inspiring photos that will gain your respect. The D10 is no common digital camera. it's unique design is waterproof as far down as 33 feet allowing you go snorkeling , scuba diving,or surfing with it. It is freeze proof allowing it to take the extreme temperatures all the way from 14 to104 degrees (F) making it perfect for snowboarding, mountaineering plus much more. itís also shockproof from 4 feet, for the rough going, the Powershot D10 will keep on going strong.

There are unique accessories available like customized straps and exchangeable faceplates To stay up for any contest, Canon created the D10 with a wide choice of flexible accessories (not included) allowing you to equip the D10 to suit the conditions of your latest great adventure. For example, the custom strap is an ideal choice for photographers who want to keep their camera within hands reach, yet have their hands free. The D10 faceplates allow you to distinctively indicate the camera belongs to you only. The carabiner hook provides a convenient way to suspend the D10 securely from a backpack, belt, or diving harness.

The largest (and perhaps critical) issue is I found is that the D10 sometimes display an "Lens Error - Restart Camera" when turning the camera on. In particular the camera lens does not come out of the body and the battery must be removed and then re-installed to start the D10 - not to cool while on a beach or when snorkeling. Search the web and you will find this error confirmed as an issue Canon has exhibited in past camera models. Maybe the Canon claim of being Shockproof is just a marketing ploy and not sustained by any new type of technology - just the same old camera as other Canon Powershots - simply installed inside a sturdy case.

If you are a 'Canonite' then go on and get it - maybe the one I had was a lemon. Although If you're getting ready to go rafting up the Colorado River, perhaps you think about some other brand - (after runng your diligent web search). It would be a real bummer to not be able to capture the photo of your river guide being mauled by a bear if the camera decides to freeze up at that particular moment. . .  Aug 10, 2011 ✓

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Canon PowerShot D10 Waterproof Digital Camera

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