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As I redo this report it has made me realize just how good all the new point and shoot cameras are. It's just that some are much better than others. It's no wonder that Canon dominates the market and also has the Closest thing to DSLR performance with the Powershot S95 Digital Compact Camera.

Agfaphoto Compact Digital Cameras
AgfaPhoto GmbH is a European photographic company, formed in 2004 when Agfa-Gevaert sold their Consumer Imaging division. Agfa (the former parent company, which merged with film manufacturer Gevaert in 1964) had for many years been well known as a producer of consumer-oriented photographic products including films, photographic papers and cameras. However, within a year of the sell-off, AgfaPhoto had filed for bankruptcy.

Benq Digital Camera
The BenQ Corporation is a Taiwanese multi-national company that sells and markets technology products, consumer electronics, computing and communications devices under the "BenQ" brand name, which stands for the company slogan Bringing Enjoyment N Quality to life. Its principal products include TFT LCD monitors, digital projectors, digital cameras, and mobile computing devices.

Canon Digital Camera Solutions Canon Digital Camera Solutions -
The point-and-shoot Canon compact cameras are branded PowerShots. The PowerShot A series are reasonably priced but not to likely to sport features such as image stabilization. (Canon G models use exclusive batteries; a majority of the other compact Canons take AAs.) Canon's subcompacts are labeled SD ELPHs. Canon IS compact Digital ELPH Cameras are simple to use and feature a variety of vaulable shooting modes, creative functions and advanced features in an astonishing portable package. 

Casio Digital Camera Solutions Casio Digital Camera Solutions
Casio makes ultra-slim subcompacts, although they sometimes introduce a higher-quality, full-featured models with longer zooms and more robust video features. The slimest Exilims are the S series, followed by the slightly thicker Z series. The V series cameras have longer zoom lenses than the majority of other compacts. Casio’s latest high-end camera is the $1,499, 6-megapixel Exilim Pro EX-F1. The company claims that this 12x optical super zoom has an incredibly fast and flexible 60-fps burst mode and true HD quality video (1080i). Casio does not manufacture digital SLR cameras

Fujifilm Digital Camera Solutions Fujifilm Digital Camera Solutions
The Fujifilm FinePix J budget series are priced the lowest. The next step up is the F series which feature more advanced capabilities.  Selected models in the big super-zoom S series are quite large. The most expensive FinePix S Pro SLR series target professional photographers. Fujifilm doesn't manufacture lenses, but the SLR models work with Nikon or Nikon compatible lenses from private third-party companies.

GE Digital Camera Solutions G.E. Digital Camera Solutions
The first digital cameras to feature the General Electric brand name were introduced in March 2007. The cameras are positioned as an alternative to existing brands. The GE camera brand is also known as General Imaging. A well-known brand in other fields, GE is still fairly new to digital cameras. It has created a variety of compacts and subcompacts, but only a few models have pioneering features, like GPS or touch screens. A few are also incredibly inexpensive. Currently, GE does not make super-zooms or digital SLRs.

HP Digital Camera Solutions Hewlett-Packard Digital Camera Solutions
Their line of digital cameras and photo printers is called Photosmart. HP seem to be focusing on high spec’d cameras at very affordable prices. Their entry level camera is the HP CA350, boasting a 10 million pixel resolution. Their next model up, the HP CB350, has an identical specs but also 12.2 million pixel resolution. Next in line is the HP SB360 which again has all the same features as the CB350, but uses a lithiom-ion battery and the LCD size is increased to 3.0″. Finally, the PB360t which also has 12.2 million pixels, multiple scene modes, and smile capture

Kodak Digital Camera Solutions Kodak Digital Camera Solutions
Kodak’s EasyShare cameras feature ease of use, as boasted by the brand tagline and include Smart Scene modes, that automatically choose particular shooting modes. The Kodak budget C series comprise of some of the least expensive compacts anywhere. The Higher-end Z-, Kodak P-, and the latest M-series digital compacts employ longer zooms and a way more progressive features.-

Leica Digital Camera Solutions Leica Digital Camera Solutions
The Leica name is nothing short of legendary. Leica's history is closely interwoven with the history of the camera itself. Leica switched to digital. Not wanting to start from square one, Leica entered into an agreement with a Japanese company, called Matsushita. They market their digital cameras with the Panasonic trade name.  Leica and Panasonic produce the Lumix brand name with the lenses also bearing the Leica trademark, including a new technology called "image stabilizer.

Minox Digital Camera Solutions Minox Digital Camera Solutions
A subminiature camera, the Minox was dreamed up way back in 1922 and fabricated by Walter Zapp, in 1936.Valsts Elektrotehniska Fabrika (VEF) produced the camera from 1937 through 1943. After the second World War, it was redesigned and manufacturing resumed in 1948 in Germany. Originally visualized as a extravagant article, it gained wide infamy as a spy camera. In 1976 Minox diverged into 110 film format and 1n 1978 into 35mm cameras. Minox continues to carry on today, creating or putting their name on various optical and photographic apparatus  

Nikon Coollpix Digital Camera Solutions Nikon Digital Camera Solutions
Nikon Coolpix digital compact and digital subcompact cameras are separated into three sections--a budget L, step-up S, and high-end P. Nikon has introduced more models with wireless capabilities than any other company. Similar to Canon's digital SLR line, Nikon's D series has cameras for every SLR photographer and user budget and a wide variety of lenses. Nikon's digital SLR camera bodies are on average less costly than Canon's. 

Olympus Digital Camera Solutions Olympus Digital Camera Solutions
The Olympus inexpensive FE model compacts come with built-in help guides with the emphasis on put on the simple operation. Olympus has recently submitted some break-thru technologies in Digital cameras and Evolt DSLR cameras. A characteristic of the advanced SP digital compacts are extremely long telephoto zoom lenses. Special Stylus Digital subcompacts have been manufactured as waterproof, water-resistant, crushproof and shockproof. All Olympus point-and-shoots employ the somewhat more costly xD memory cards. Olympus Evolt DSLRs were the first digital cameras to sport live-preview LCD monitors. Olympus provides a a wide selections of lenses for the Evolt and Olympus PEN Digital Cameras  

Panasonic Digital Camera Solutions Panasonic Digital Camera Solutions
Every Panasonic Lumix, from the large FZ series of super-zooms to the budget LZ and LS series, has optical stabilization. FX-series subcompacts feature several modes and auto features; high-end LX can capture photos in 16:9 aspect mode, while the TZ-series compacts are super-zooms.  Lumix is Panasonic's brand of digital cameras, ranging from pocket point and shoot models to digital SLRs. Many Lumix models are fitted with Leica lenses that have been designed by Leica's German optical engineers and are assembled in Japan, some are rebadged Leica cameras without the branding and with different cosmetic styling.

Pentax Digital Camera Solutions Pentax Digital Camera Solutions
Pentax makes some innovative Digital cameras, identified Optio cameras, mainly in its W and Z models. The W series encompass compacts that can be employed underwater and are thus waterproof . The Z series incorporate cameras with fairly long zoom lenses, although not as lengthy as a super-zoom lens. Its other merchandise lines - V, S, M, A, and E models - feature somewhat similar trait and form factors. This make them problimatic to distinguish from each other. 

Polaroid Digital Camera Solutions Polaroid Digital Camera Solutions
Polaroid Digital Cameras capture the good times in true-to-life color. Look to the name you've always trusted for digital still cameras. Whether you click snapshots of your new grandson on weekends or capture wildlife photos on treks across the globe, there's a Polaroid digital camera with the features you need at a price you can afford.

Ricoh Digital Solutions Ricoh Digital Camera Solutions
Ricoh cameras reached their zenith during the 1950s with over 1 million cameras being sold by 1954 in Japan. Ricoh introduced many variations of the original Ricohflex, including numerous cameras with the Ricohflex label. Other cameras were announced including the Diacord during 1958, the Ricohmatic during 1959 plus the Auto 66 during 1960. Ricoh persisted in making SLR film cameras before switching to digital camera designs in 2007. Since then, Ricoh has mainly stayed with Digital consumer grade cameras.

Rollei Digital Camera Solutions Rollei Digital Camera Solutions
Rollei products are produced using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality components. They are designed for long-term use over many years. Coupled with user-friendly operation, their customers are guaranteed many years of unimpeded photography fun.

Samsung Digital Solutions Samsung Digital Camera Solutions
Samsung has produced some very inexpensive Digital Cameras. Its more expensive subcompact NV series include an innovative navigation interface. The GX series SLRs are in effect rebranded Pentax K-series SLRs. Samsung offers a constrained selection of lenses. Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Sanyo Digital Camera Solutions Sanyo Digital Camera Solutions
A year after first revealing its interest in Sanyo, Panasonic has finally won control of its electronics rival. SANYO's new line-up is designed to enhance active lifestyles by providing both high-definition video and photo capabilities in a single, easy-to-use compact camera.

Sigma Digital Camera Solutions Sigma Digital Camera Solutions
Sigma cameras are engineered to portray the world exactly like it is imaged through the human eye allowing the emotions to register colors in all their passion. Sigma manufactures their own innovative Foveon image sensor providing the latest technology. These identical sensors are employed in both DSLR and digital compact cameras. Sigma’s digital compact cameras provide an edge over other compacts where their sensor sizes are 7 to 12x sizes smaller than the Foveon image sensor and are not able replicate color in the way as the Foveon sensor does allowing Sigma cameras to deliver an image with the richest, accurate colors.

Sony Digital Camera Solutions Sony Digital Camera Solutions Sony features innovations at relatively high prices. Cyber-shot compacts and subcompacts offer distinctions such as touch screens and lustrous bodies. In recent tests, Sonys have thumped most brands in shutter lag and next-shot delay, two common complaints. All Sony point-and-shoots use proprietary, and expensive, Memory Stick storage. The W and S series are the cheaper lines. High-end H- and G-series compacts and premium N- and T-series subcompacts are apt to be pricier than other brands. Although a relative newcomer to SLRs, Sony has been increase its SLR Alpha series and features several bodies and a satisfactory range of lenses. 

Vivitar Digital Camera Solutions Vivitar Digital Camera Solutions
Vivitar brings up the rear with a lineup of low-end compact cameras costing under $200
The Vivitar Corporation was a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of photographic and optical equipment originally based in Santa Monica, California. Since 2008, the Vivitar name serves as Sakar International's house brand for digital imaging, optics, mobile accessories, and audio products.

Despite point and shoot cameras now coming with up to 14.7 megapixels (look at Canons lineup, there are none with less than 10 megapixels), the point and shoot quality level is not necessarily as good as a DSLR with only 8 or so. See Breaking the Myth of Megapixels by David Pogue technical writer for the NY Times. You can shoot great 12x18 prints with an 8 megapixel camera.

Why? The image sensor used in point and shoot digital cameras is generally much smaller than the image sensor used in a DSLR (the difference is often as much as 25 times). This means that the pixels on a point and shoot camera have to be much smaller and collect fewer photons.  Because of this, point and shoot cameras need to work at slower ISO levels (higher ISO numbers) which means that they produce ‘noisier’ (or more grainy) shots.

Point and Shoot Pluses: Size and Weight - I can slip a point and shoot camera in my pocket as I rush out the door to a meeting. which  is a wonderful thing. Today point and shoot cameras can be slim and light - to the point of not even knowing you’ve got them with you. This means the camera can always be with you

Which should you choose? I don't know, I have DSLR, Point & Shoot, and a Smart Phone. My Smart Phone is with me where ever I go.

Circumvent brand loyalty without guilt by owning them all.

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