Sigma Photo Pro Software

Thursday, September 30, 2010
Sigma has updated it's version of its Photo Pro image-editing software for immediate dowload extending RAW support to the DP1x compact camera.


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Sigma updates Photo Pro software for SD15
Monday,June 28, 2010

Sigma has released an updated version of its Photo Pro image-editing software for immediate dowload. Version 4.1 extends RAW support to the SD15 digital SLR and adds compatibility with 64-bit Windows OS. The latest versions available for download - (3591) for Windows and 4.1 (1044) for Mac - also adds bug fixes compared to previous versions shipped with the SD15 DSLR.

Click to download the Photo Pro 4.1 for Sigma DP2s

Click to download the Photo Pro 4.1 for Sigma DP2

Click to download the Photo Pro 4.1 for Sigma DP1

Click to download the Photo Pro 4.1 for Sigma SD series

The companion processing software for your SIGMA digital camera
Sigma Photo Pro is an exclusive software application that enables you to display and manipulate your Sigma digital camera images on your computer.

You can then verify monitor output from within SIGMA Photo Pro by selecting Tools > Monitor Verification… from the Main Window.

The charts in this dialog box are for verification of color neutrality and gamma only. Use your monitor’s adjustment controls as specified in the manufacturer’s documentation to make any adjustments. Making adjustments to your images on screen works best with a monitor that displays color consistently.

Over time the characteristics of your monitor change, so check your monitor’s performance periodically. Consult your monitor documentation and perform calibration adjustments as recommended by the manufacturer.

Using a pre-existing monitor profile:
For information regarding monitor profiles, consult the documentation for your monitor, after-market profiling software, or operating system.

Choosing the best monitor resolution for your screen size:
SIGMA Photo Pro is designed to fit on a monitor with a screen resolution of 800x600, however the viewable area for images and thumbnails is not maximized at this small screen size. A screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater offers the most flexibility for viewing and processing images. You can then resize the Main or Review Windows, resize the Thumbnail Pane within the Main Window, or move the windows anywhere on the desktop.

Here are some key features of "SIGMA Photo Pro":

Main Window:

    · Save groups of images to TIFF or JPEG
    · Mark, lock, rotate, and delete images from computer
Image Information Window:
    · View capture information
    · View file information
    · View processing information
Adjustment Controls Palette:
    · Adjust image Exposure Compensation, Contrast, Shadow, Highlight, Sharpness, Saturation and Fill Light
    · Adjust color
    · Load, save, and delete user-defined settings
    · View histogram
    · Set highlight and shadow warnings
Review Window:
    · View images at large size
    · Choose adjustment mode
    · Save images
    · Magnify details
    · View highlight and shadow warnings
    · Mark, lock, rotate, and delete images
    · Cycle through images displayed in the Main Window
    · Activate Adjustment Controls
    · Pentium IV or higher
    · 512MB or higher RAM (1GB or more recommended)
    · 1GB of available hard disk space
    · 16-bit display card (24-bit recommended)
    · 1024x768 monitor resolution
    · USB connection (USB 2.0 recommended)
    · CD-ROM or DVD-Rom drive