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May 23, 2011
Nikon Capture NX plus Camera Control Pro software Updated
Nikon has released version 2.2.7 of the Capture NX plus release 2.9.0 of it's Camera Control Pro editing software. The editions expand RAW support for the D5100 DSLR camera.

Click for details and to download Capture NX v2.2.7

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February 25, 2011
Nikon announces ViewNX software updates
Nikon updates their ViewNX software versions. ViewNX version 2.1.1 repairs a sequence of minor errors in both PC and MAC versions

Immediate download. available

Nikon software updated and launches 'my Picturetown 3D'

Nikon has updates its View NX and Camera Control Pro software bringing in a few improvements and minor bug fixes. The company has also announced the launch of 'my Picturetown 3D' - a 3D imaging service currently available only to registered users in Japan. The service offers online image conversion tools to view 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame.

Click for more information and to download View NX v2.0.3 ( Windows)
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Click for more information and to download Camera Control Pro v2.8.0 (Windows)
Click for more information and to download Camera Control Pro v2.8.0 (Mac)

Press Release:

Nikon launches my Picturetown 3D

3D image conversion service that enables viewing of high-quality 3D images without specialized eyewear on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame October 2010, TOKYO– Nikon Corporation and Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. are pleased to announce the launch of my Picturetown 3D, a new 3D imaging service that offers 3D image conversion over the Internet for viewing of 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame.

my Picturetown 3D is a service for registered members that offers a 3D image conversion service available from Nikon's my Picturetown, an online image sharing and storage service, and supports viewing of 3D images without specialized eyewear on the new NF-300i 3D digital photo frame. The primary services offered are as follows.

  • Loan of an NF-300i 3D digital photo frame
  • 3D image conversion of still images stored on my Picturetown
  • Viewing and sharing services for 3D image utilizing my Picturetown functions
  • Distribution of 3D contents (still photos and movies) with my Picturetown
These services not only allow users to view their photos in dynamic 3D format, but also enable the sharing of 3D images between NF-300i 3D digital photo frames. What's more, the Android mobile operating system has been adopted for the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling the inclusion of functions other than simple image viewing, including a calendar, a clock and display of weather information. my Picturetown 3D is only available in Japan.
Name: my Picturetown 3D
Application for service Begins October 26, 2010
Service launch Early in December, 2010
Fee: ¥1,995 (tax included) per month or ¥19,950 (tax included) per year

Development background
With the extreme popularity of a number of 3D movies recently, consumer focus has been concentrated on stereoscopic devices such as 3D televisions. Similarly, the digital photo frame market has been expanding greatly. Nikon, which has continued to pursue ways of enjoying digital photos with its Internet service, my Picturetown, is well aware of these changes in the market and takes this opportunity to offer another new way of enjoying digital images.

With current 3D technologies, there are limitations on stereoscopic viewing, most commonly resulting in the need for specialized 3D eyewear to view images or movies in 3D. Recognizing this inconvenience, Nikon has developed a 3D digital photo frame that enables high-quality viewing of both 2D and 3D images, at the same resolutions, without specialized eyewear. In addition, a 3D image conversion service is also offered via the Internet, allowing for the simple conversion of photos taken with standard digital cameras and eliminating the need for any specialized photography equipment.

Primary my Picturetown 3D features

The NF-300i 3D digital photo frame for enjoying high-quality 3D images without specialized eyewear A lenticular display*1 and horizontal double-density pixel system have been adopted for the LCD panel, enabling stereoscopic viewing without specialized 3D glasses. This makes playback of bright, high-quality 3D images at the same resolution as 2D images possible for enjoying 3D images without specialized eyewear Naturally, playback of standard 2D photos and movies is also possible. 3D and 2D photos can be downloaded from Nikon's image sharing and storage service, my Picturetown, using wired or wireless LAN for display on the NF-300i. The NF-300i 3D digital photo frame will not be available for sale, but loaned only to registered members of the my Picturetown 3D service.

*1 A system in which a lenticular lens consisting of an array of countless long, thin cylindrical convex lenses is attached to an image display LCD. These lenses distribute the left eye image and right eye image, creating a stereoscopic image.

3D image conversion service and distribution of 3D contents with my Picturetown
In order to display 3D images on the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, users must request the conversion of 2D images stored on my Picturetown to 3D. Once registered with the my Picturetown 3D service, members may convert up to 3 images per month to 3D (4 or more images may be converted at a charge of ¥300 per image). Older digital photos can also be converted to 3D by uploading them to my Picturetown and using the 3D image conversion service. Nikon also plans to distribute movie contents including a 3D image gallery and 3D short movie clips so that members may easily enjoy 3D imaging.

Viewing of special Magnum Photos contents for a limited time
Special contents based on the concept of reproducing scenes professional photographers viewed through the viewfinder will be available through February 2011. Images of "TOKYO", captured by Magnum Photos photographers, can be viewed in 3D. The my Picturetown 3D service will allow users to experience the excitement and feel of unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments in 3D.

Advanced NF-300i 3D digital photo frame application
The Android™ mobile operating system has been built into the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enabling playback of 3D images and standard 2D images and movies with a dedicated my Picturetown 3D application that provides collaboration with my Picturetown. In addition to basic image viewing functions, including display of images stored on my Picturetown and playback of slideshows created from these images (3D images included), as well as display of distributed contents such as the Nikon 3D Gallery, the dedicated my Picturetown 3D application also supports use of a calendar, a clock, display of weather reports and a news reader function. In addition, simple Web browsing is also possible from the Android™ home screen.

Nikon announces ViewNX 2 software
Nikon has released version 2 of its ViewNX image viewing and editing software. Along with image-editing features, the latest version now allows users to edit movies shot with the company's DSLRs. It also features an enhanced user interface and easier online sharing options

Nikon announces ViewNX 2 software

Nikon UK announces ViewNX 2, a comprehensive new version of its popular bundled software package that enables users to easily import, browse, edit and share images and D-movies.

Building upon the successful ViewNX software, ViewNX 2 is a feature-packed, user-friendly suite supplied with Nikon digital cameras and available for download. The software now offers a range of tools dedicated to editing D-movie files captured by today’s DSLR and compact cameras.

In addition to basic data importing and browsing, ViewNX 2 incorporates various frequently used adjust menus and tools such as resize, brightness control, crop and straighten, as well as sophisticated RAW processing functions.

Zurab Kiknadze, Product Manager Lenses, Accessories & Software, comments: “For many, ViewNX is the core software application to import and organise images. View NX 2 makes everything easier and smoother, and features a wealth of added benefits for D-movie shooters too”.

Present movies in style
ViewNX 2 includes several simple and intuitive editing tools which enable users to create great looking movies. The software allows you to trim and then merge clips together, apply a variety of attractive transition effects with the addition of still images and soundtracks of music to generate stylish and animated films to share with family and friends.

Refined, intuitive User Interface
The UI has been redesigned for maximum efficiency. Smooth graphics and an intuitive layout make it even simpler to access and use its wide range of creative tools. Different display options have been added to perfectly suit the task at hand; in addition to the ‘Browser’ and ‘Edit’ options, ‘GeoTag’ allows users to view images on a map relating to where the images were taken. And to make viewing and editing even easier on the eye, the background color can be altered according to the brightness of the images.

Sharing made simple
ViewNX 2 is closely integrated with my Picturetown, Nikon’s popular online digital image storage and sharing service. Images can be easily uploaded to the service with a simple drag/drop operation, and users can browse my Picturetown images online as well as directly in ViewNX 2.

With the addition of many new features based upon the feedback of Nikon’s users worldwide, ViewNX 2 takes Nikon’s already impressive free software package to the next level and empowers creative image makers of all levels to get the very best from their shooting.

Click to download the Nikon ViewNx Software

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