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Fujifilm fixes bugs and updates X100 firmware to v1.10

This is an easy to do update, and you don't have to load any of the Fuji software onto your computer, as the instructions imply. (To check your current software version, press DISP BACK while you turn your X100 on.)

There's nothing changed that's significant in this v1.10 upgrade except process is so lame that it ruins all your settings and puts them back to square one. Every menu setting, even the clock, date, and languages are reset as if you replaced your camera for a brand-new one. Canon and Nikon and Canon, are at least bright enough to just update the firmware, and not trash all your camera settings.

Worthy of note changes are asserted improvements in shadows for both the Astia and Velvia modes (they were so terrible previously that they were worse than useless), and an assertion of enhanced AF area position in the view finder at close proximities using the optical finder.

As the Astia and Velvia modes continue to snip the shadows, which makes them still suck. You'll get superior results by later fixing the saturation to standard JPGs than you will in the Astia or Velvia modes, unless you satisfied with black, blank shadows. Go to Photoshop and add 30% saturation to your normal X100 JPG and ala, there's your shadows. If you desire more zip, set up the curves layer to add more darkness to your shadows, but not zip them down to nothing

Additionally how Fuji set up moving the autofocus area to adjust for parallax is terribly bad also v1.01 software, the optical finder repositioned the frame when you focused closer, but not in the AF area. ought o! Anyhow, with the upgraded firmware the AF area can be enabled to move, which it will if you adjust SET-UP > CORRECTED AF FRAME > ON, although this new update is also so poorly prepared allowing the finder to now be constantly cluttered with a pair of tightly-located AF areas stacked top of one another, and when you compose a shot, a third one is often placed topmost over the previous pair. WHOOPS! you better leave this setting this off and just guess. Properly engineered, the autofocus frame would just simply move, and not clutter the finder with "possibilities."

The X100 give the impression of being pretty lame with its software, although in real world shooting, the X100 is way smoother than a D7000 or any other Canon, Nikon or even LEICA as the X100 captures images oh so well.

The firmware foolishness doesn't have any actual effects on shooting. While exposure, auto white balance, fill-flash, and focus on the X100 are many times improved over a much greater range of situations than any other digital cameras I have used, and there's way fewer shot-to-shot adjustments, which is the thing that makes the X100 today's goto camera. No longer must I check out the exposure subsequent to each shot; Also the days of viewing the screen following each shot have disappeared. New Article Jun 29, 2011

Click for Fuji Firmware v1.10 Update

June 16, 2011
Fujifilm has made adjustments to the image sharpness and color saturation of its XP20/XP22, XP30 and Z90/Z91 models, along with making improvements to playback mode.

Read more and download Fujifilm XP20/XP22 firmware v1.02
Read more and download Fujifilm XP30 firmware v1.03
Read more and download Fujifilm XP30 firmware v1.02

FinePix X100May 25, 2011
Fujifilm X100 firmware updated to v1.01

Fujifilm releases an update of the firmware for the X100 large image sensor compact. This update, fixes a hiccup which kept the camera from turning back on when shut down during ISO bracketing while in Quick Start function mode. There were no other corrections mentioned by Fujifilm.

You can download this update direct from Fujifilm's website

Fujifilm has updated its MyFinePix Studio image editing software to version 2.0 extending support to 3D images and videos taken with its W1 and W3 3D compact cameras.

Click for information and to download the software

May 25, 2010
Fujifilm HS10 / HS11 Firmware Update

The firmware v1.02 for the Fujifilm HS10 also fixes a few bugs.

    1. In Raw data a line is visible where colors slightly change when developed by Raw File Converter.
    2. Battery indicator turns on too early.
    3. When "Image Disp." in set-up menu is set to "Zoom", sometimes image corrupts.

Click here to download firmware v1.02 for the Fujifilm HS10

Posted Monday, April 26, 2010

Fujifilm: New firmware for 20 FinePix cameras
Fujifilm has today released updated firmware applicable to twenty of its various FinePix AV-, AX-, JV- and JX-series Digital Camera Review by Gene Wrights.

In all cases, the firmware makes but one stated change, related to an issue with PictBridge printing functionality. Fuji has identified and corrected an issue in its PictBridge code whereby an incorrect number of copies could be printed for an image, potentially wasting printer supplies. The new firmware is available for a total of twenty different digital camera models.

For the FinePix AV100, AV105, AV110, AV130, AV135, and AV140, the new firmware release is version 1.01, and it can be found on the FinePix AV100-series download page. Owners of the FinePix AX200, AX205, AX210, AX230, AX235, or AX240 should also upgrade their cameras to version 1.01, and can obtain their firmware from the FinePix AX200-series download page. One further AX-series model, the FinePix AX245w, is also upgraded to v1.01. Firmware for the FinePix AX245w is to be found here.

For the FinePix JV100, JV105, JV110, and JV1004, the new firmware release carries version number 1.02. Firmware for these models is to be found on the FinePix JV100-series download page. Finally, the FinePix JX200, JX205 and JH210 will also now carry version number 1.02, and their firmware is located on the FinePix JX200-series download page.

Alongside the new firmware releases, Fujifilm has also made available its MyFinePix Studio v1.11 application. No details are given as to changes from prior releases, if any.

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