Corel Paint Shop Pro and Photo Album X3 Updated

Corel has revealed new editions of Paint Shop Pro and the Photo Album This is the the first revisions to either program since the company obtained the software in 2004 when they purchased Jasc Software.

Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3

New Article Jan 12, 2011. Corel states the focal point driving Paint Shop Pro X is being easy to use. This is confirmed by the insertion of the "Integrated Learning Center." These new tools being included will assist in creating professional results no matter the level of experience the user has.

Moreover, Corel also is also targeting the software at professionals. The advanced photo editing functions will let users with a greater experience level to perfect their digital image alterations.

Additional new facets of Paint Shop Pro X consist of Smart Photo Fix which explores images and makes suggested modifications to improve the picture quality, There are tools to adjust skin blemishes, make skin tone darker and whiten teeth, an Object Remover allows for elimination of undesireable objects from photos and substitute them with surrounding background.

Meanwhile, Photo Album 6, allows direct image downloading from a digital camera straight to the program and will automatically rotate and positions images to a user specified position.

A new Photo Finder can automatically explore the hard drive of a user for images and add them to their existing library. Photo Trays may be employed to sort images for e-mailing, printing or sharing photos.

Recently downloaded images can also be found using a list that presents the last ten clusters of images  downloaded. 

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These new updates are available now through Corel's Website and will be available in stores in the near future. Paint Shop Pro X ships with a standard Photo Album 6 edition selling for $129 USD. Furthermore, a Photo Album 6 Deluxe Edition can also be obtained at a price of $49 USD, and features three additional software titles

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