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Camera Firmware

Firmware is actually the software on the computer chip that's inside your DSLR camera. It's called firmware instead of software because of a convention that's employed in the software and hardware industry that labels every piece of software that operates on a designated computer chip (such as the one inside your camera) as firmware. The other issue is the legal binding that permits camera manufactures to treat this bit of software as hardware.

Updating your camera firmware is normally three steps:
1. Download the updated firmware
2. Upload the firmware onto a flash memory card
3. Upload the contents of the card into your camera.

Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software can be employed easily and quickly to enhance, sort and store Digital images. With the increased digital cameras popularity, scanning of prints and negatives and the go green phenomenon, photo editing software provides users many options to enhance their digital images by. improving color, converting a color image to black & white and even removing blemishes are all possibilities using one of the popular photo editing software programs.

Image Viewers

Software Image viewers belong to a software category where the quantity and quality of free programs is at least equal to that of commercial ones, so the selection isn't easy, and personal convenience will unavoidably appear as a main factor for this review.

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