ACDSee Pro beta for PC v4 and Mac v1.4

ACDSee Pro beta for PC v4 and Mac v1.4

ACDSee Pro 4 editing tool
ACD Systems announces the final release edition of the ACDSee Pro 4 image edit, organizing and browsing software program. This new version increases the color level provided for image editing - embrace lighting and contrast enrichment (LCE) tools to enrich highlights and shadow uniqueness while using raw conversions, make best use of a camera's depicted dynamic range. This develops on the array of non-destructive revisions that can be effortlessly applied, without disrupting the fundamental file or any necessity to import images into a structured database. Tools are also available for fixing vignetting plus chromatic aberrations, along with batch processing availability and interacting with outside tools for editing that were originally integral to ACDSee.

ACDSee Pro beta for PC v4 and Mac v1.4

PC users click here to sign-up to beta test ACDSee Pro 4
Mac users click here to beta test ACDSee Pro 1.4

Preview: ACDSee Pro 4 Beta
Expands Metadata Tools, Adds Map
Public beta testing begins Fall 2010 on the next generation of ACDSee Pro software and also features improved processing and viewing capabilities

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Following the successful redesign of the ACDSee professional photography workflow software last year, ACD Systems International Inc. sets its sights on expanding the application’s fast and flexible capabilities even further with the launch of the beta test version of ACDSee™ Pro 4 this fall.

Beta downloads will be available to the public at

The company expects thousands of professional photographers to participate in the ACDSee Pro 4 beta period and provide feedback in the development process, similar to the 10,000 testers who helped shape the current version. “The top themes we continuously hear from our users during beta tests revolve around saving time and customizing workflow, so those will again be top priorities for Pro 4,” said Cam Carmichael, product manager for ACD Systems. “Beta testing is the best way to gather feedback to make sure we are continuing to deliver on our promise of a fast and flexible workflow tool at a tremendous value.”

When ACDSee Pro 4 beta testing opens this fall, photographers will be invited to evaluate these new features:

Workflow-Accelerating Metadata Tools

  • Metadata Working Group compliance.
  • New, workflow-accelerating tools for viewing and managing metadata.
  • Greater interoperability of metadata.
Map View with Geotagging
  • New map view available in both Manage and View mode.
  • Map view enables users to easily geotag items, view items on the map, use the map to select groups of files for further workflow steps and use the map to select images for display in View mode.
Improved RAW Processing
  • Improved performance and quality of RAW processing
  • Improved Processing of All Image Files
Wider color space for best possible color preservation.
  • Improved performance and usability enhancements.
  • Vignette correction.
  • Chromatic aberration correction and defringing.
Availability ACDSee Pro 4 beta testing will launch in Fall 2010 at

Press Release:

ACDSee Pro for Mac Enters Final Beta Testing Before 2011 Release Latest beta of ACDSee Pro for Mac, which has been tested by 10,000 photographers, introduces non-destructive editing and an improved graphical interface

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Beta testing of ACD Systems International’s ACDSee™ Pro Photo Manager for Mac is heading into its final phase and introduces professional photographers to one of the software’s most robust features: non-destructive editing.

Beta 1.4 downloads of ACDSee Pro for Mac, which gives photographers a faster all-in-one photography workflow system, are now available at To date, more than 10,000 Mac users have participated in the beta program and have offered feedback in 153 forum topics to ACD Systems developers. The final version is anticipated for release in early 2011.

“This final beta phase is an opportunity for photographers to test the features that will make ACDSee Pro for Mac a powerful workflow tool, particularly the non-destructive editing capability,” said Tarjin Rahman, product manager for ACD Systems. “Testers will be able to edit images without needing to save new files, which is a huge time-saver.”

Other notable additions to the beta 1.4 version include:

  • An improved graphical user interface for Process mode.
  • The ability to easily copy and paste processing settings from one image to another.
  • Metadata is compliant with the Metadata Working Group (MWG) and supports IPTC Core, Extended and IIM.
  • Support for XMP sidecar files
  • A Custom Metadata pane allows for presenting a specific set of data that is most important to the user.
Between the beta 1.4 test period and the final release date in early 2011, Simon Tipler, project manager for ACD Systems, said the company’s developers will be implementing user feedback, adjusting features and performance to streamline the workflow process, and performing quality checks.

“We know photographers who use Mac systems are eagerly anticipating Pro for Mac because they have been integral to its development,” said Rahman. “They will be very pleased when they see the final product.”

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ACDSee Pro for Mac is in beta testing at The full release of the product is anticipated in early 2011. At that time, ACDSee Pro for Mac will be available for a free 30-day trial and for purchase at $169.99 (USD) by visiting