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Modern digital cameras create image data files providing large-format yields at high resolutions. Also, printing capabilities has moved along at an equally quick pace delivering new inkjet systems to us that are capable of printing at analytical resolutions with very high precision, providing an astonishing tonality range with longtime ink stability.

In addition, these systems have become affordable for serious photographers. While in the possession of well-informed photographers with experience, the new inkjet photo printers can help in creating prints as good as the best quality darkroom images printed on photographic paper.

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Fujifilm Photo Printers

Fujifilm Photo Printers
On the inside the FinePix Printers, the technology of FUJIFILM's "Image digital processing intelligence is hard at work making your prints better. It detects faces from the image data automatically and optimizes exposures for more striking people prints in your picture. When it discovers dark underexposed faces, it utilizes Backlight Correction for more brilliant, natural smiles. If it detects an orange facial cast caused by indoor lighting, the Tungsten Correction adjusts for a gorgeous print, preserved with an overcoat finish to protect the colors as vibrant and refreshing as on the day they were first printed.

Hewlett Packard Photo Printers

HP Deskjet 5440 Photo PrinterHP Photo Printers
Choosing the right HP Photo Printer is an overwhelming job with several models and printing technologies available to select from, with each one suitable for varying needs. Inkjets come in many and sizes, from small travel companions to huge workgroup workhorses; a few are created for photographers, others for multitaskers. The model you get should be a reflection of your printing traits and the features to make things unproblematic for you in the long run.

Kodak Photo Printers

Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer 500Kodak EasyShare Photo Printers -

A Kodak Photo printer is the outcome of more than a century of Photographic experience. As every Kodak photo printer owner will tell you, a Kodak photo printer shines in print quality and cost per print. In addition to that Kodak photo printers are extremely user-friendly and simple to use.

Kodak photo printers come with many connection possibilities. Every model has a USB connection to link it to either a PC, Laptop or Mac. A majority of the models feature a blue tooth connection allowing you print the photos made with your phone. Several of the new Kodal photo printer models can use Wi-Fi , allowing you wirelessly connect from your, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Laptop or even a Mac with a Kodak photo printer. And if you desire to directly print using your digital camera or even from your camera's memory card, it is a good thing to know that just about all the Kodak photo printer versions also support that.

Lexmark Photo Printers

Lexmark P315 Photo PrinterLexmark Photo Printers
A few Lexmark printers are good, although recently many of their printers have had poor reviews. It's not that their printers are bad, it's just that usually they are not as good as their competition. Of the top 50 inkjet printers sold on ebay, there are zero Lexmark printers.

Lexmark has slow print speeds as a large part of their printer lineup is sub-$100 printers, so a lot of their printers aren't too high a quality. They won't stop working right away, although their print quality and print speed just will not be too good. In addition, Lexmark printers are usually have the most expensive operating costs and have the largest discrepancy between the the printer cost and the ink cartridge cost. Lexmark has $40 printers featuring a new cartridge set that will cost as much as $70.

Olympus Photo Printers

Olympus Photo Printers
Olympus makes precision technology goods that enhances the lives of people. They are an innovator, always on the front edge of technology and making first rate products, including their photo printers.

Samsung Photo Printers

Samsung Photo Printers
Samsung photo printers are very much like other portable photo printers such as the Canon SELPHY models and the Epson PictureMate models Samsung photo printers use of dye sublimation engineering in creating printouts and they are very compact and lightweight. Conversely, Samsung has stopped manufacturing these photo printers as they are giving more focus to making laser printers that apparently are their highest grossing printer.

Sony Photo Printers

Sony DPP-FP70 Digital Photo PrinterSony Photo Printers
Sony has a complete line of quality, reliable digital photo printers are versatile, easy to use plus an ability to create revenue. When it comes down to photo printers, Sony sports the wide angle picture. Their printer line-up sports a model to virtually fit any portrait application or event which includes weddings, action photography, school, sport portraits, Santa photos, and more.

No matter if you need on-site flexibility or a studio powerhouse, Sony has a photo printer to fit your requirements. In addition to providing your friends, family or customers a thing ot two to smile about, with a Sony photo printer on site positive wonders can happen your financial situation as well. The huge productivity and volume abilities of Sony photo printers bring in more opportunities to quickly create prints while keeping the volume going.

The Sony line features their patented ProMatte finish, which provides the look and feel of matte photos. Additionally, the glossy finishes and ProMatte and are selected from the print driver, providing no separate print pack necessary to achieve the unique finish.

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Brother Photo Printers

Brother® Photo Printers
Brother Inkjet DCP-J125Brother printers have been winning awards for years - offering high-quality, well-designed printing solutions with excellent customer value. Whether for home, home office, desktop or network work-groups, in black & white or color, Brother has a printing solution for you.

Brother has been producing award winning printers for years by providing high-quality, superior-designed printing solutions featuring value for their customers. if it's for for your home office, your desktop or networked work-groups, color or black & white, Brother can provide a printing solution that fits your needs.

Dell Photo Printers

Dell Photo Printers
Dell printers provide top-end photographic prints that won't leave you overdrawn at the bank. If you need fast, high-quality 4-by-6-inch photographic prints from a printer, take a look at Dell's new Photo Printers. Their thermal dye-transfer models feature a convenient LCD for previewing photographs, and provide top-end prints, and sell for less money than comparable models from printers from Sony and Polaroid

Canon Photo Printers

Canon PIXMA iP4200 Photo PrinterCanon Photo Printers
Canon's PIXMA inkjet photo printers give photographers and photo artists the latest, state-of-the-art print solutions to go with their workflow. As members of the Canon Total Imaging Solution, these Canon photo printers provide unequaled system capabilities along the road from capture to final output.

Canon Compact Selphy Photo Printers create brilliantly hued, long lasting photos that match the look and durability of prints created by a pro photo lab - just at the single touch of a button.

Epson Photo Printers

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 photo printerEpson Photo Printers
Seiko Epson is a global technology corporation based in Japan. Epson has been a leader of technological revolutions when it comes to robotics, imaging, electronics and precision machinery. Epson produces an extensive line of awarded image capture and output devices for consumers, photo, business plus graphic arts marketplace. Epson is also a top supplier of retail transaction terminals, and value-added point-of-sale printer. Epson America Inc, created in 1975, has headquarters in Long Beach, California.

Inkjet Papers
Inkjet Papers
Paper for Inkjet printers is created from high grade deinked or chemical pulps that features good dimensional stability, with no cockling or curling, strong surface strength, and smooth surface. Ample, even porosity is necessary to neutralize ink spreading. For average quality printing, copy paper that's uncoated will do, but higher paper grades call for coating. The traditional paper coatings are not commonly used as inkjet papers. On behalf of matte inkjet papers, it's typical to use a pigment of silica combined using polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). Glossy papers for inkjets is created by resin coating, cast coating or multi-coating on a laminated paper. New Article Aug 13, 2011

Printer Inks and Toners
Printer Inks and TonersInk cartridges are normally more costly than consumers might hope, sometimes a substantial portion of the printer cost. To save on costs, many people use third party ink cartridges obtained from a someone other than the original printer manufacturer. The high cartridge cost has also provided a counterfeiter market to create cartridges using a false claim of being created by the original company. Another alternative is modifications to an original cartridge providing for continuous ink systems using external ink tanks to be used Others use aftermarket type inks, refilling their cartridges by using a kit which includes bulk ink. New Article Aug 12, 2011

Photographic printing puts a final photograph on paper for presentation, employing chemically sensitized photo paper. The paper is then exposed to a photo negative, positive transparency, slide, or digital image file projection by employing a photo enlarger or other digital exposure devise like a LightJet printer. As an alternative, the transparency or negative may also be placed directly on top the paper and exposed, producing a contact print. New Article Jul 30, 2011

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