Fujifilm Photo Printers

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Fujifilm Photo Printers

On the inside the FinePix Printers, the technology of FUJIFILM's "Image digital processing intelligence is hard at work making your prints better. It detects faces from the image data automatically and optimizes exposures for more striking people prints in your picture. When it discovers dark underexposed faces, it utilizes Backlight Correction for more brilliant, natural smiles. If it detects an orange facial cast caused by indoor lighting, the Tungsten Correction adjusts for a gorgeous print, preserved with an overcoat finish to protect the colors as vibrant and refreshing as on the day they were first printed. New Article Jul 30, 2011

Fujifim ASK 2000 - Mid-size printer - Dye-sublimation
Fujifim ASK 2500 - Mid-size printer - Dye-sublimation
Fujifim ASK 4000 - Mid-size printer - Dye-sublimation
Fujifim QS-7 - Compact printer - Dye-sublimation
Fujifim QS-70 - Compact printer - Dye-sublimation

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