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We live in a world today where we can get almost everything instantly. With the growing electronic information and knowledge on the internet, but why isn't it slowing the purchase of magazines down?

Because there is nothing more enjoyable than reading a well written photography article and seeing inspired photographs on the pages of a magazines. If you wish to read a photo magazine which informs, entertains, and provides great tips and advice and tips or make Your loved ones happy with a photo magazine, whether it's for a husband or wife,  son or daughter, boyfriend or girlfriend, who is is an important part of your life, you can give them a free magazine subscription to show your feelings of gratitude and affection.

A magazine subscription will surely remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness and kindness.  Browse our list of top selling photo magazines before you subscribe.

American Photo
 - A magazine for both men and women with an interest in creative photography. It chronicles the personalities at the back of the lens along with their contributions to history, art, fashion, advertising and journalism. American Photo typically features reviews of books,, exhibitions, photos and requests from readers and photo portfolios and stories of working photographers . Subscribe to American Photo Magazine. See article about Cameras

Aperture Magazine - Leading professionals have called this "the most valuable and serious periodical that exists in the world of photography" and "an eternal testimonial to the illustrious photographers of our day" plus "indispensable for anyone who is serious about photography." The binding and printing quality is incomparable and of coarse the paper is exceptionally heavy coated stock. Subscribe to Aperture Magazine

Arizona Highways A magazine for people who are inspired and want enjoy the unique Arizona' outdoor experience, with it diverse cuilture and rich history.. Subscriber advantages include: no external advertising, a biig, 9" x 12" layout, uninterrupted editoriasl, genuine photographs--without computer augmentations, insightful features and superb photographs by respected photographers and writers who sense the emotions of the landscape. Subscribe to Arizona Highways. See article on Landscapes
Lenswork is a paper based and of book-quality, with an anthology-approach periodical publication which concentrates on photography as a creative process. It's non-academic and non-technical, with an accent on the innovative aspects of photography, every issue featuring interviews, articles, and photographic portfolios. Subscribe to Lenswork
National Geographic, the granddaddy magazine of all photography magazines, accountings of adventure and exploration, as well as transformations which impact life on the planet. Editorial coverage takes in people and places around the world, emphasizing human participation in an evolving universe. Major subjects include nature, cultures, technology, ecology, geography, and science Subscribe to National Geographic
Outdoor Photographer - full of usable tips and information regarding the photography of wildlife, nature, landscaping and sports. Ongoing columns discuss advancements in DSLR and compact camera digital photography, film, lenses, camera accessories, outdoor apparel, and gear, ecological concerns, travel, and workshops. A great deal of the topics are highly technical, with dialogues about setup, exposure, filters, lighting, and the right equipment to take with you on location. Each issue also features articles on travel, plus a "Favorite Places" feature that details great locations for shooting outdoor photography, including ways to get there, things you should take with you, and the preferred times of the year to visit. Subscribe to Outdoor Photographer - Take a look at the article on Travel Photography

PC Photo - Covering computer photo lab technologies, methods and trends for the photo and computer enthusiast in today's world. It is abridged for a broad variety of readers, starting with the newbie to the advanced, wanting to know more about creatively and effectively controlling and producing stimulating images. There are lots of light coverage reviews of new camera gear in every issue, however there are also an unexpected number of very practical, useful, how-to-do-it articles--mostly geared to novice and intermediate digital photographers.

Recently I moved from Photoshop to Photoshop Elements, and thus far this magazine is a nice supplement to that particular Adobe software package. With recent issues, I've discovered more of the when and ways to productively use RAW as compared to JPG, ways to make better use of graduated ND filters, ways to correctly use Levels, the list goes on. I highly recommend this magazine anyone who has a new DSLR or new PC imaging software like Photo Shop Elements, the subscription is worthwhile! Subscribe to PC Photographer - See Photoshop Elements 10 Article

Digital PhotoPro - Having been as subscriber of Peterson's Photographic for a number of years, I finally got weary of all the beginner articles and I am no longer renewing my subscription as I've become captivated by this new magazine. Digital Photo Pro which digs into photography with a little more depth, such as the articles about the way ink jet printers function and how digital sensors function. In one issue there was a superb article on using PhotoShop's unsharp mask. Additionally, I've enjoyed the big section covering new products in every issue. One caution is that there's a little nudity. Some people might or might not see this as objectionable (my wife fits in the former group). In addition, there is typically an article covering glamour photography or about glamour photographers in every issue. Even if this is not your thing, there's still good substance in those articles. It's beautifully published using both high quality printing and paper. Also it's nice and big. Subscribe to Digital Photo Pro
Photo Techniques magazine providing the best of digital, color, darkroom and black and white photography. Articles cover Photoshop, printing, color management, lighting, toning, cropping, composition, alternative processes and more. Tests on cameras, scanners, imaging software, films, papers & accessories. Subscribe to Photo Techniques
Popular Photography - Ready to take better pictures? Want to buy smart, when it comes to digital and film cameras, lenses, printers, and other essential gear? Popular Photography & Imaging is packed with great photos, how-to tips, lab tests of the latest equipment, and expert advice on getting the most out of every shot. Subscribe to Popular Photography
Professional Photographer - Since 1910, Professional Photographer magazine has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry. Each issue contains practical lessons for both the business and artistic sides of professional photography. Industry experts regularly cover the latest photographic and digital imaging equipment, provide imaging company updates, and offer business management tips. Profiles of noteworthy photographers also appear frequently, as well as information on upcoming industry special events. Professional Photographer is the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America. Subscribe to Professional Photographer
Shutterbug is a photo magazine for advance amateur and professional photographers. Sections include techniques features, equipment reviews, electronic imaging and video, classic collectibles, plus darkroom articles and Help!, a question and answer column. Subscribe to Shutterbug

If you don't belong to AAA (California State Automobile Association) you should join just to get the best price for the VIA Magazine with all the great photos and find other cool (hot if you're under 18) places to shoot California landscape photos. In the November 2008 issue alone:

And these kind of articles and photos go on month after month. Here's some of the other great magazines. Try to copy some of the techniques the photographers use in these magazines:

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