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Pentax K-7 Exchangeable Lens Digital Camera Loaded with attributes, this Pentax K-7 exchangeable Lens Camera brings the next-generation engineering to the time-approved, distinguished Pentax DSLR family. Congruent with all Pentax K mount lenses ever made (over 25 million of them out there), it has a robust, alloy magnesium body which houses a recently-engineered 14.6 MP CMOS image sensor providing richer color, sharper contrast, and the absolute greatest in image quality. A PRIME II processor engine provides quick 5.2 fps photography, perfect for wildlife, action sports, plus adventure shooting. Strengthened with an 11-point SAFOX VIII+ AF System including Advanced Shake Reduction, the K-7 maintains sharp focus on all your subjects, even in poor-lighting.

High Definition Movie Capture, possibly the most desired feature in Exchangeable Lens Cameras, arrives for the Pentax Imaging System in a huge way. Silky 30-fps 1024p plus 720p movies are as simple as point & shoot digital. HDMI output direct from the camera allows for easy sharing your pictures and videos on HDTV a possibility using one single plug. An in camera internal mono microphone lets you to acquire spontaneous audio along with the with video, while the 3.5mm jack for stereo input provides higher quality alternatives for professional treatments. From professional wedding video to vacations with the family, this Pentax K-7 gives you everything needed to acquire next-generation pictures and video!

The new image sensor performance is a big disappointment. Looking at all my shots with this camera, I've observed an overall trend of my images to somewhat "noisier" compared to the K20 at every ISO setting. After thorough JPEG comparisons between the K20 with the K-7 set at ISO 2000 employing the exact same lens and identical settings, I've discovered the K-7 has slightly more "grain" compared to the K20. This was particularly evident in the shadows, a place where the largest improvement was intended to be.

The K20 sensor is less grainier than the K-7 set at every equivalent ISO noise reduction position with the lone exception at the greatest NR setting. Detail is certainly less in either camera at the highest setting, although the K-7 appears to reveal more detail in spite of the increase in noise reduction. The big thing I saw is that the enhanced facets, or resolution, is associated by abrasive edge detail such as over-sharpening similar to the way watercolors tend to bleed along a perimeter. These concerns take into account, I would have had no more disenchantment if the K-7 contained the K20 image sensor as long as the improved auto white balance was included. Not sure what the account is over the K-7 image sensor developed (by Samsung) unless somehow it didn't quite meet the standards Pentax was expecting by this new camera launch date.

In spite of the vastly improved auto white balance, the K-7 continues to have an issue rendering reds like red lighting or reds seen in stage performance environments. They end up appearing somewhat pinkish and washed-out.

I have a few concerns over the Pentax quality control. With the initial copy I obtained, had a flexiing back that creaked and squeaked close to the thumb rest and buttons. After replacing it with a new K-7 which is more solid, although I've noticed that photos captured on this particular copy are just a little underexposed. I've heard that there were a few other copies displaying same flexible back body problem.

Did I mention the other small issue over the door for the SD card: the card sits entirely too near the hinge on the door when it's opened so much that I can hardly put my fingers upon the card to remove it? I almost had to resort to needle nose pliers.  Aug 16, 2011 ✓

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