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Yup, AF is Pretty Darn Quick

Beige K-x Pentax The most often asked question about the Pentax K-x is how fast is the AF speed. Yup, AF is pretty darn quick. To test the seed of the AF is to rotate focus ring in opposite direction and check the amount of time to reset the focus. It is usually 0.4s or less. Even in poor light environments, it works fine. I shot a number of images using only one small light on in a family room so, Setting the shutter speed to 1/4 and ISO to 6400 the camera doesn't offer any resistance for AF. One great thing being an entry level DSLR is that it sports up to 11 AF selectable points. Some might say, it's lacking super impose. Although, simply by tapping the 'ok' button shows the current AF point right on the LCD monitor. So, for AF, no problem. AF is remains accurate and crisp. Using MF mode, K-x indicates the correct focus both indicator and sound. So, using a manual focus lens, no problem. Using the Liveview function, the camera magnifies the focus point for assistance, which is very helpful as viewfinder is somewhat small.

Support for high ISO is the thing I like about the K-x. Up to 6400 is supported, and can be additionally expanded to 12800 ISO. I shot several images outside around dusk. My friends used their flash but this K-x camera didn't need flash. Using 3200 or 6400 ISO, even now provides clean brilliant photos. When it comes to reducing noise, Pentax did a number one job, especially with color noise. Now it's become hard to find picture noise. 3200 is now something you can be used on a daily basis. Actually, the kids scene mode a fast shutter speed 1/1000s or faster shoots very high ISO. Kids photos are all crisp and sharp thanks to that.

The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive. As this is a small camera, most of the camera's buttons are within easy index finger and thumb's reach. Although it's small, the grip has an ergonomic design leaving the camera feeling extremely stable while in your hand. There is one supplementary button (a green button), which other features can assigned. There is also ISO, drive mode, White balance, flash and aperture buttons. There also is dial for faster menu navigation.

Another nice feature, it takes 4 AA batteries, Lithium-ION batteries or Ni-MH batteries. if run out of battery power, there's more at virtually any store. I shot around 250 images and I still didn't need a recharge. The camera automatically recognizes the battery type and optimizes the process.

With all the added functions, I believe the Pentax K-x is fantastic camera for beginning photographers. Not only does it have all the needed features, it runs circles around higher positioned DSLRs in selected areas such as ISO. Thanks to great backwards compatibility, the PK mount system, accepts lenses 30 years old which can be mounted right on this spanking new DSLR camera. It can become fun to browse ads for old film camera kits at bargain basement prices and be able to use the lens from it. Jan 11, 2010 - ✓

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