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Pentax K-01 Digital CameraFeb 25, 2013
Pentax Ricoh has discontinued the K-01 K-mount digital mirrorless camera after only 12 months of production, following steep price discounts in recent weeks. The strange-looking K-01 employed a Pentax K full-depth lens mount however relied upon contrast-detection autofocus, rather than using phase-detection systems of which all K-mount autofocus lenses have been basically engineered. Designed The K-01 by Marc Newson, was the strangest-appearing cameras I've ever seen, while the deep-depth K-mount was the largest mirrorless camera I've ever reviewed.

The introduction of mirrorless picture taking devices gives camera manufactures an opportunity to goy beyond the design limitations film-era cameras along with just exactly the way a camera must look. While few have accept this golden opportunity to defy design conventions as enthusiastically as the way Pentax has. And this coming from a company that manufactures admirably no-nonsense DSLR cameras, Both of mirrorless offerings are quite interesting creative design expressions. The Pentax Q quite easily becomes the smallest mirrorless camera available, with a matching sensor size, Now Pentax also takes the crown with K-01 being the biggest mirrorless camera yet to be seen.

Now this new K-01 may appear un-camera-like on purpose, with its mirrorless layout while combining an image sensor adapted from the top-drawer K-5 means it's not a device to be dismissed easily. If this K-01 is able to combine first-class image quality and the dedicated live view together with the many K-5 photographic attributes, then it'll be worthy of some real attention.

The Pentax K-01 is most likely to polarize opinions at first glance. Its bulky cuboid layout which is an unavoidable consequence of using the full-depth Pentax K-mount. Its somewhat toy-like switches and buttons, however, were deliberate design selections that's going to alienate some people. Setting the aesthetics aside, another corollary of using the conventional K-mount on the one one hand, the Pentax K-mount allows the camera to make use a vast array of legacy and Pentax lenses of today - avoiding any lens drought early system pioneers must usually endure. However looking at it from the other hand, this new K-01 happens to be a contrast-detection device fitted a system engineered to use phase-detection AF, a combination that's rarely resulted in significant autofocus speed. Also, since the K-01 has no aperture coupling, there's no way to determine the aperture a pre-KA lens setting. Instead you must select the green button, to stop the lens down and set the shutter speed using the metered value of that particular aperture. This is unnecessary for KA and later lenses.

With a $749 list price for the body-only, it's much less expensive than the Pentax K-5 along with its avant-garde styling, manual focusing assistance and respectable video specs, there could yet be some niches the K-01 can flourish in. And that is before you start counting the number of people would like to have a body to mount their existing K mount lenses.

The 40mm lens (61mm in a 35mm equivalent range) that's included is a brilliant all-around lens, it has a f/2.8 aperture and includes nine aperture blades; A perfect lens for shooting in poor light and delivering shallow field depth which can be applied to a wide array of photographic situations. And it's a low-profile lens that's only 0.36 of an inch long

Full control can be possible when using the PASM functions, with a fully automatic function available. The ISO range is 100 - 25,600 while sensor-shift stabilization virtually removes blurry, shaky pictures permanently. There's Full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second at your fingertips. A large APS-C image sensor delivers superb resolution when saving files in JPG or RAW, while auto modes, creative filters, and finishing functions go along with your imaginative impulses. Shutter speeds range from 30 seconds thru 1/4000 to give you all the necessary exposure choices. You can capture action as fast as 6 frames per second and you'll never miss out on a photo opportunity while waiting for the camera to play catch up to you.

A pop-up flash unit is built-in plus there's a hot shoe to expand your lighting environment. Advanced functions come built-in: like a focus peaking function that delivers fast, precise manual focusing for those critical focus situations, in-camera HDR for combining multiple bracketed user-defined exposures into one, perfectly blended still photo. The K-01 also has a 16MP APS-C-size CMOS image sensor a High-resolution LCD monitor with 920000-dots, custom color modes, Scene modes, face detection plus digital filters  Mar 22, 2012. 

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