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An Extended Zoom Perfect For a Diverse Assortment of Telephoto Shooting

Pentax DA* 200mm f/2.8 ED IF SDM Telephoto LensThe SMCP-DA* 200mm Pentax f/2.8 ED (IF) SDM telephoto Lens is a professional tool engineered for restricted use with Pentax DSLR cameras. It features a 300mm 35mm format equivalent focal length. This extended zoom is perfect for a diverse assortment of telephoto shooting, which includes portraiture, action sports and landscapes.

Drawing from the film-days 200mm f/2.8 FA optical lens, it sports all updated internal-flare-reducing coatings, and it includes a freshly designed rear lens element which Pentax says projects an absolutely flat-field image. Although it's an 300mm equivalent, it contains Pentax's SMC supersonic focus motor for stealth-silent autofocus feats, along with Quick-shift focusing which allows you manually touch up the focus even though the lens is still in the autofocus setting.

Uniting with the 16-50mm f/2.8,, 300mm f/4, and the 50-135mm f/2.8, it becomes lens number four Pentax's DA* family of harmonized, professional glass. Fully equipped including dust and water-deterrent gaskets plus O-rings, it is a fast telephoto prime that's obviously well built and raring for outdoor encounters.

Treated to a faint, crinkle matte-black finish and complemented with an aluminum bright green ring, the trade-mark of a Pentax digital-exclusive lens, mostly constructed of polycarb prime is about average in size and weight for it's class -- very much like the Sigma 150mm macro DG lens, as an example. (Weighing 1.8 pounds, it's over a pound less than the similar Olympus 150mm, which is also equivalent to 300mm, although that's because the Olympus is an f/2 lens).

Even though the Pentax is over 5 inches in length, there is no shadow when close-range-focus while being employed with the built in flash of the K200D. It also has lots of of gold trim, a depth-of-field scale, plus an extra-depth 3.25-inch hood which features an ingenious trapdoor ( or finger slot) that allows you access for fine-tune adjustment of the filter position.

Pentax DA* (DA-Star) zoom lenses all feature the SDM System, that guarantees smoother, more silent auto-focusing functions by employing a integrated supersonic motor. When attached to a K10D DSLR camera, the focusing mode automatically switches to SDM-aided auto-focus. When attached to older model Pentax DSLR cameras, the normal auto focusing mode using the internal camera motor is chosen.

The same as all Pentax lenses, it's treated using smc coating for the highest light transmission, crisp definition, plus high contrast photos. Additionally, an application SP (Super Protective) finish created from a special fluoride composite has been added to the front lens surface through a unique evaporation method. Consequently, the lens provides first-rate water- and oil-resistant implementation and allows for easier cleaning just in case the lens becomes accidentally covered with fingerprints or makeup.

In its exceptional distortion and vignetting control implementation, this digital-only telephoto actually tests very similar to other full-frame lenses I've looked at on DSLRs containing APS-C image sensors . Not a surprise here as its layout is based upon proven 35mm lens technology. Its fast aperture and next to flawless optics combined with the Pentax sensor-founded image stabilization engineering let me shoot dozens of satisfying images over a period of several weeks. It promises the professional or serious amateur photographer virtually distortion less and absolutely sharp photos, even in poor lighting situations. If the lens has a downside, I didn't find it. Note! This lens is not recommended for use on "full-frame" (35mm film size) cameras.

The lens produces a disappointing purple fringing at the edges of high contrast images sometimes even in the middle of the frame, and worse when shooting wide open with action sports. May 5, 2011 ✓

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