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Unifocal Lens for Everyday Use

Pentax 9mm 01 Standard Prime Lens Unifocal lens for everyday use Included with purchase of Q body. The Pentax 01 9mm unifocal standard prime lens features a focal length like a 47mm in 35mm SLR format. As it provides a natural perspective nearly identical to that of a human eye, allowing it to be employed as a daily-use, multi-purpose standard lens for a wide variety unique subjects, including portraits and landscapes.

Encompassing a maximum aperture opening of just f/1.9, not only does it function superbly in poor light locations, but also allows for easy our of focus backgrounds. Containing a pair of first class aspherical optical elements, it compensates a variety of aberrations to smallest amount and creates beautiful, high resolution bright and crisp photos even at the image field edges.

The Pentax 9mm Standard Prime Lens made for Q Camera System (47mm Equivalent Format) focal length is equivalent to 47mm in the 35mm format. As it provides a natural perspective like that of the human eye, it can be utilized as a multipurpose, day-in day-out standard lens for a wide range of subjects, including portraits and landscapes.

With maximum aperture opening of f//1.9, it performs magnificently in poor lighting, as well as makes it simple to toss the background out of focus. Fusing two high grade aspherical optical elements, this lens adjusts for different aberrations to a minimum and delivers delightful, high resolution pictures that are splendid and fresh even at the edge of the image field

Addition al Features

  • Focal length equivalent to 47mm compared to 35mm format.
  • Maximum f/1.9 aperture for superb light gathering and controlling depth of field.
  • A pair of high-grade aspherical lens elements to diminish aberrational effects.
  • Lens coating using PENTAX technology for beautifully defined, high contrast photos with minimal flare.
  • Lens shutter offers 5 aperture blades and syncs with the built in flash of the Q at speeds as fast as 1/2000 sec.
  • Neutral Density filter features open aperture photography in bright settings.

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    Lens stylePrime lens  
    Max Format Size 1/2.3"  
    Lens focal length9 mm  
    Camera mount Pentax Q  
    Aperture (lens diaphragm)
    Largest aperture opening f/1.9  
    Smallest aperture opening F8.0  
    Includes aperture ring No  
    Total diaphragm blades 5  
    Aperture annotations 5-bladed lens shutter/aperture mechanism  
    Total Elements 8  
    Number of Groups 5  
    Coatings / special elements 2 aspherical elements, SP coating  
    Minimum focus distance 0.20 m (7.87")  
    Maximum magnification ratio 0.05 x  
    Autofocus type Yes  
    Lens motor Micromotor  
    Full time manual focus Unknown  
    Lens distance scale No  
    Depth of field scale No  
    Physical features
    Overall weight37 g (0.08 lb)  
    Lens diameter 46 mm (1.79")  
    Overall length 23 mm (0.91")  
    Construction materials Metal mount  
    Filter thread size 41 mm  
    Lens hood included No  
    Lens hood code MH-RA  
    Notes 47mm-equivalent prime. Built-in lens shutter and ND filter

    Lens Includes
    Pentax 01 Standard Prime Lens
    Lens Front Cap O-LC40.5 (40.5mm)
    Q Lens Mount Cover


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    Pentax 9mm 01 Standard Prime Lens

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