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Four new lens converters unveiled for Lumix G-series cameras Lumix teleconverters 3Lumix teleconverters Panasonic has unveiled four new conversion lenses for use with its popular G-series range of mirrorless interchangeable compact system cameras. The four new conversion lenses are variously compatible with both the 14mm ‘pancake’ lens and the relatively new, premium-grade 14-42mm Lumix ‘X’ powered zoom. Lumix teleconverters 2 The first of the four is the DMW-GWC1 Wide Conversion Lens, which when mounted to the front of either lens expands the field of view to 11mm (35mm equivalent of 22mm) – especially useful for architecture photography as well as group portraits in confined spaces. Lumix teleconverters 1 The second new converter is the DMW-GTC1 Teleconverter, which increases the focal length of the Lumix X 14-42mm powered zoom by 2x, turning it into a 28-84mm lens (35mm equivalent of 84 - 168mm). Lumix teleconverters The DMW-GMC1 Macro Conversion Lens is compatible with both the 14mm and the 14-42mm ‘X’ and reduces the minimum focal distance to 0.14m and 0.16m respectively. This is down from 0.24m and 0.3m on the same lenses. Not exactly revolutionary stuff but it's a useful reduction nonetheless. Lumix teleconverters 3 The fourth and final new converter is the DMW-GFC1 Fisheye Conversion Lens. Again, this is compatible with both lenses and extends the diagonal angle of view to 120-degrees. Small enough to fit inside a camera pouch it can be used to give images an interesting twist.

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