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12/26/2010 Best overall
Camera In The Universe

Silver Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH2 Micro Four Thirds Camera Before I go on with that bold statement, let me explain. I didn't say this the best camera at anything or even one solitary thing. Being best at something cameras are as a rule specialized monsters that normally can really only function at one single thing well. What we have here is a camera that performs so well in various classes that it can ecstatically be employed for capturing just about video or photographic image that you may wish to shoot. The Panasonic GH2 is just that best camera.

Now that we got that cleared up we can continue on to the nuts and bolts of this review. I mostly shoot stills. I fool around with video imaging but do not claim to be an of an expert. What I have to say is "if you are searching for the greatest handling still/video combination camera with the most attribute then the Panasonic GH2 is the camera to get". Panasonic main focus was to create a video camera that shoot fantastic stills and they went all out of their way in doing just that.

Conversely, there are plenty of side benefits to the 35mm side of this camera making it the greatest m4/3 still camera by far. I also want to say that the dedicated video marketplace is just a niche boutique in comparison to the size of the still camera market as the video with a shallow depth of field is difficult shoot properly and even harder to edit. The typical consumer does not have either the time nor penchant to correctly storyboard and capture this type of movie. Having, said that, it is a nice thing to have the ability to capture stills and video from a single camera. And rudimentary home movies are easy to capture using the GH2; and to a greater extent than any other digital SLR camera except perhaps the Sony SLT A55/33 camera which also has quick auto focus. To capture great home videos, set the mode dial on iA, click the button with the red color, and you are instantly capturing video.

Successfully merging the advantages of compact Point and Shoot with the advantage of DSLRs, This camera can be labeled the next gen camera as it and makes for an incredibly powerful, small camera. Take a look below at a few of the strengths and weak points associated with this next generation camera

The Hot 

The behavior of the GH2 is without exceptions the best handling "35mm DSLR" available. WIth a great layout, quick autofocusing, smart controls, full time double live view, swivel screen, the list goes on. Take the D7000 and how good it is, it still has a clunky feel after shooting with the GH2. Most of the details are laid out below so we're not quite ready repeat them here. What I want to tell you here is that things can be done with the GH2 you couldn't even dream of doing with a regular DSLR plus you can usually set up the camera parameters so much quicker with this camera. GH2 menus are not all that good, but the actual controls for the camera are so excellent you will seldom even need to fuss with menus.

Program Shift - Allows you forget Aperture priority mode with this camera. Just keep the GH2 in Program mode. Using the program shift the aperture setting can be changed thus affecting the speed of shutter while using program mode. You can activate this by pressing the shutter release half way down to set exposure. Iif you see the yellow numbers just rotate the dial switch at the back to change the aperture. If you are looking for a faster shutter speed or a more shallow depth of field, then rotate to a larger aperture (smaller number). If you do not see yellow numbers, then camera is set to exposure compensation mode. if that is the case, just click and then rotate dial switch at the rear. Now that is a super facet.

Extra Tele Convert Mode (ETC) in Video - Video shooters are going to absolutely love this feature. This is also great for home/casual movie photographers. While The GH2 features a 16mp sensor nevertheless shoots in 2K video exactly the same as all the other consumer combo/cameras. That means the image has been down-sampled to reduce it to 2K. This creates some pluses and minuses. Compare the GH2 with ETC mode this camera only uses 2K of the image sensor. This provides an added 2.6x crop factor. Another way of saying that your crop factor total has been boosted to 5.2x. So that 100-300mm lens on your camera is now 520-1560mm equalivant without any loss of light. If you mount a 135mm f2 lens, you now have an equalivent 702mm f2 video lens. Using ETC has some drawbacks but they are slight.

As of October 2010, there are thirteen (MILC) cameras available from four manufacturers (Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony), (three from Olympus, four from Panasonic, two from Samsung, and four from Sony), and some similar cameras from other manufacturers (Leica, Ricoh).

A handful of rangefinder cameras support interchangeable lenses. Three digital rangefinders exist, they are the Epson R-D1 (APS-C-sized sensor), the Leica M8 (APS-H-sized sensor), both smaller than 35 mm film rangefinder cameras, and the Leica M9, which is a full-frame camera.✓

Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds Adapters

As with all mirrorless cameras, if you want to mount a non-OEM lens on your Micro Four Thirds camera, all you need is the correct MFT lens adapter. Several manufacturers specifically create adapters for mounting third-party lenses to Four Thirds and Miro Four Thirds camera bodies.

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