Panasonic 3D Lumix G 12.5mm f/12 Micro Four Thirds Lens

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The First Interchangeable 3D Camera Lens

vPanasonic 3D Lens - Lumix G 12.5mm f/12 Panasonic Lumix G 12.5mm f/12 3D Lens. The first interchangeable 3D camera lens in the world that allows 3D photography (65mm on a 35mm SLR camera equivalent). It contains a pair of optical systems side by side within the lens mount diameter, capturing stereo images from both left and the right lenses, to later be reprocessed with a 3D photo processing operation. Despite its unique feat, the 3D lens stays down to extremely compact size due to the Panasonic advanced optical engineering and consideration of the image processing system along with the structural layout.

Photographing 3D images using an interchangeable lens camera was possible in the past by only using a panorama system or by employing a pair of lenses and two separate CCDs, except this arrangement drawbacks including the necessity for a consecrated 3D system camera plus the complexities capturing moving subjects. However, this condensed 3D-proficient interchangeable lens provides simpler handling and on the spot 3D images with a four thirds camera without a special makeup for 3D photography. It creates 3D photos without distortion or any time lag from left or right images, even when subjects are on the move. The 3D photos even the close-up shots, captured with this 3D lens are comfortable on your eyes when seen using 3D VIERA televisions.

In this "First 3D Era Year," Panasonic is the leader in the industry by introducing 3D VIERA televisions plus Blu-ray 3D Disc players. Although 3D content, including videos and sports, have become more widely obtainable for viewing, a great many consumers who want to capture 3D images for themselves are out there. This 3D lens is an answer to these demands. It allows photographers to capture people, landscapes, and a large array of subjects using 3D high-quality, to later take pleasure in using their 3D VIERA TVs in their homes.

Panasonic Interchangable 3D lens for Micro Four Thirds

As 3D content starts to become the latest rage across a media assortment, Panasonic is a leader of industry by ushering in a factual-to-life experience with 3D to photographers, while having a fun creating it themselves using a LUMIX G Micro Camera System.

May 17, 2011 ✓


World's First Interchangeable 3D Lens
Dual Optical System
For Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2S & DMC-GH2K
Lightweight (1.59 oz/45 g)
Compact (0.81" x 2.24" Diameter)
3D Images Without Distortion or Time Lag

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Lens stylePrime lens  
Max Format Size FourThirds  
Lens focal length13 mm  
Stabilization type No  
Camera mount Micro Four Thirds  
Diagonal angle of view (FF) 37  
Aperture (lens diaphragm)
Largest aperture opening F12.0  
Smallest aperture opening F12.0  
Includes aperture ring No  
Aperture annotations Fixed F12 aperture  
Total Elements 4  
Number of Groups 3  
Minimum focus distance 0.60 m (23.62")  
Maximum magnification ratio 0.02x (0.1x 35mm equivalent)  
Autofocus type Yes  
Lens motor Micromotor  
Full time manual focus No  
Lens distance scale No  
Depth of field scale No  
Physical features
Overall weight45 g (0.10 lb)  
Lens diameter 75 mm (2.95")  
Overall length 21 mm (0.81")  
Filter annotations Filters cannot be attached to this lens  
Lens hood included No  
Tripod collar included No  
Notes 3D lens featuring dual side-by-side optical units, 10mm stereo base

Lens Includes
Panasonic 3D LUMIX G 12.5mm/F12 Lens for DMC-GH2
Lens Cap
Rear Lens Cap
Lens Storage Bag
1-Year Limited Warranty

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