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Opteka has lenses to fit Canon, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds and T-Mount

Opteka was founded in 2002, and has quickly turned into one of the top manufactures of filters and converter lenses for compact digital cameras in addition to manufacturing high power magnification 35mm SLR camera telephoto lenses. Their product line has recently been expanded to include digital picture frames, power grips, flashes and tripods. The dissimilarity in Opteka arises from distinctive selection of materials and construction technology that uses micron-unit quality control. This assures the best possible consistency as well as maintaining the absolute best quality for each and every lens. That's the reason both professional photographers and knowledgeable enthusiasts depend upon Opteka lenses.

Korean made Samyang lenses are also renamed and sold as as Bower, Bell and Howell, Falcon, Opteka, Phoenix, Polar, Pro-Optic, Rokinon, Sakar,  Vivitar, and Walimex.

Photographic catadioptric lenses

A mirror optical lens (catadioptric lens) is a lens that has refraction and reflection combined into one optical system, normally obrained by using dioptrics (lenses) and catoptrics (curved mirrors). Combinations of Catadioptrics are employed in focusing systems like headlamps, search lights, optical telescopes, early lighthouse focusing practices, telephoto lenses and microscopes. Optical devices that employ lens and mirror systems are also called "catadioptric" like catadioptric sensors. and surveillance systems A refractive style lens with a focal length higher than 300mm may possibly employ up tp twenty optical elements all in one case with a length analogous to the focal distance. A Catadioptric design folds the optical path, significantly decreasing the lens's size and weight, and allowing longer focal lengths similar to 500mm and 1000mm to be more easily available. Whats more, chromatic aberration, a chief issue with a long refractive lens, is nearly eliminated.

Although catadioptric lenses do contain several shortcomings and they use cannot control light transmission by using a diaphragm that's adjustable due to the reality that they contain a central impediment. As the lens's aperture number is preset to the total focal quotient of the total optical system (most usually f/8 of f/11for 500mm designs). Their intonation relay function display low contrast at short spatial frequencies. This folded optical path reduces the lens's length, but also increases its girth. Their most prominent feature is the annular profile of defocused portions of the photo, transfer a doughnut-shaped bokeh or iris blur, caused by the configuration of the point on the optical axis.

Presently Sony (formerly Minolta) is the only company to offer a 500mm catadioptric lens designed for their line of Alpha cameras. Samyang offers a variety of uniquely priced optics, delivering a lot of optical capability for very little money. These rebranded catadioptric lenses are available under the names of Bower, Opteka, Phoenix, Rokinon, Sakar, Vivitar and others.  Jan 29, 2011 ✓

Opteka Lenses

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