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Keep teleconverters in mind when selecting lenses for your Olympus camera. 2X teleconverters are more popular and powerful. 1.4X teleconverters are more useful and often have less distortion too. 3X teleconverters are rarely used anymore, as they have so much image degrading effect as to be worse than simply enlarging a smaller image. Teleconverters work much better on telephoto lenses (200mm and up) than on shorter focal length lenses and typically work better on prime lenses than on zoom lenses. With a 1.4X teleconverter, you lose a stop of light. So an 135 f/2.8 lens becomes the equivalent of a 190mm f/4. A 200mm f/4 becomes a 280mm f/5.6 equivalent. With a 2X teleconverter, your 135mm f/2.8 becomes 270mm f/5.6 and your 200mm f/4 is a rather slow 400mm f/8 equivalent. You can also convert your 50mm f/1.8 into a 100mm f/3.5 using a 2X. teleconverter

Teleconverters for Olympus DSLR Cameras
Olympus EC14 1.4x Teleconverter Lens (for at f/2.8 on E-System lenses). When you need more telephoto zoom in a smaller package, the EC14 1.4x teleconverter lens is an ideal choice. With only one stop of light loss, the 1.4x converter provides a fast super-telephoto experience whether you're taking sports shots or nature photography. With the Olympus EC14, you can turn your Zuiko digital 300mm f/2.8 lens into a 420mm f/4.0 lens (with a 35mm equivalent of 840mm at f/4.0)--a must for capturing the action on the field at a mega stadium. Overall, the EC14 is compatible with the Zuiko digital 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5, 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5, 300mm f/2.8, and 50mm f/2.0 (f/2.8 and up) lenses. Fully multi-coated to retain the high lens performance you expect from Olympus, this inexpensive lens still delivers professional-level results. Focal length: 1.4x Lens construction: 6 elements in 5 groups Dimensions: 2.7 inches in diameter and 0.9 inches long Weight: 6 ounces

Olympus Zuiko EC-20 2x Teleconverter. Double the focal length of your Olympus Zuiko lens with the EC-20 digital 2x teleconverter. The ultra-compact, high-performance unit fits on any Zuiko digital lens, dramatically extending the lens performance and putting more subjects within the photographer's range without affecting mobility or ease of use. Complementing the Zuiko EC-14 digital 1.4x teleconverter, the EC-20 provides a convenient, cost-effective solution to the demands of telescopic shooting, as well as wide-angle macro and ultra-high-magnification shooting.

Focal length: 2x of the attached lens. Lens construction: 7 elements in 5 groups. Dust and drip proof: Yes. Maximum image: 2x of the attached lens. Compatibility: Any Zuiko digital interchangeable lens. Accessories: Lens cap, lens rear cap, lens case. Dimensions: 2.67 inches in diameter and 1.61 inches long. Weight: 0.49 pounds.

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