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Olympus PEN Mini (E-PM1) 4/3s Camera The new Olympus E-PM1 (mini) Digital Camera gets you started you out with all the things you need to capture great photos, from day one. You'll get both a E-PM1 body plus a Micro 4/3s Digital m14-42mm ED M. Zuiko MSC zoom lens. Additionally, a several essential accessories are included as well, like a lithium-ion battery plus battery charger.

If you simply want to lighten up your load for capturing photographs or you're an ardent Micro Four Thirds fan, the Olympus's E-PM1 (mini) camera offers you greater lightweight choices than huge DSLR outfits, although featuring a number of bells and whistles while still providing the flexibility and creativity, way above what a point & shot provides. With the Micro 4/3s lens mount, there are a number of available lenses that fit the E-PM1 allowing you to match your particular style of shooting.

Right in the middle of the image creating is the large 3.0" LCD screen. Used for layout and playback of your captured footage, along with navigating through the menus and for other features like Live View, this large, brilliant display contains 460K pixels plus the platform for composing your next great picture or epic short movie. Naturally, the 12.3Mp image sensor combined with the TruePic VI processor are at the heart and sole of the camera, acquiring what you actually see in the LCD monitor and transforming it into a lifetime of lasting memories.

Supplementing the shooting of RAW and JPEG stills, in addition to 3D stills using the MPO layout, moreover the E-PM1 captures the already referenced 1080/60i HD movie mode. As many as 29 minutes of unbroken shooting can be acquired along with with stereo sound. Video clips may be captured using AVCHD or AVI format, while the Dedicated Camera HD Movie Button allows you to switch from still to video mode with a single touch.

There's also stunning poor light performance using the Olympus AF Illuminator, which projects an LED beam as far as 10 feet for quicker focusing in dark environment. The camera also does ISO as high as 12,800 plus the capacity to accept an external flash unit. Other features worth mentioning incorporate a FAST AF Operation which supplies as many as 35-focus points for unbelievable preciseness, 5 fps shooting, various filter options, plus a great deal more. ✓

Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds Adapters

As with all mirrorless cameras, if you want to mount a non-OEM lens on your Micro Four Thirds camera, all you need is the correct MFT lens adapter. Several manufacturers specifically create adapters for mounting third-party lenses to Four Thirds and Miro Four Thirds camera bodies.

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