Olympus 18-180mm f/3.5-6.3 ED Zuiko Four Thirds Lens

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Capture Crisp, Colorful Images From This Lightweight All-Digital Lens

Olympus 18-180mm f/3.5-6.3 ED Zuiko Digital Four Thirds Zoom LensReceive sharp and colorful images from this lightweight all-digital lens, from less than 18 inches away or as far as its 10x telephoto will take you. Weighing less than 16 oz., this durable, extremely portable lens is perfect for wide group shots or "zooming in" on your child's soccer game, and delivers a distortion-free view and outstanding results thanks to ED glass lens elements and its built-in CPU that automatically corrects lens, shading and exposure information.

The Olympus 18-180mm is commonly used for General purpose, Landscape/scenery, Sports/action, Wildlife photos and more. The Olympus 18-180mm is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Enthusiast, Photo enthusiast among others. The Olympus 18-180mm is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Olympus 18-180mm: Consistent output, Durable, Easily interchangeable, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight, Rugged and Strong construction.


This lightweight, compact lens has a 10x zoom range covereing the equivalent of a 36-360mm lens on a 35mm camera. The closest focusing distance is down to 45cm in entire zoom area, and 0.23x (equivalent to 0.46x on a 35mm camera) of magnification allows for superb macro shots. Two ED lenses and two aspherical lenses compensate for optical aberration to give the lens high-performance through the entire zoom range.

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Lens styleZoom lens  
Max Format Size FourThirds  
Lens focal length18 180 mm  
Stabilization type No  
Camera mount Four Thirds  
Angle of view 62.0 - 6.9  
Largest aperture opening F3.5 - F6.3  
Smallest aperture opening F22.0  
Includes aperture ring No  
Total diaphragm blades 7  
Total Elements 15  
Number of Groups 13  
Coatings / special elements 2 ED glass lens elements and 2 aspherical glass lens elements  
Minimum focus distance 0.45 m (17.72")  
Maximum magnification ratio 0.23 x  
Autofocus type Yes  
Lens motor Micromotor  
Full time manual focus Unknown  
Focusing method Internal  
Lens distance scale No  
Depth of field scale No  
Overall weight435 g (0.96 lb) 15.5 oz.  
Lens diameter 78 mm (3.07")  
Overall length 85 mm (3.33")  
Lens color Black  
Zooming method Rotary (extending)  
Filter thread size 62 mm  
Lens hood included Yes  
Lens hood code LH-65  
Tripod collar included No


Good Lens, December 2, 2009

By K. Nock (Freiburg Germany)

I have the Olympus E420 since one year now. I bought the double zoom kit for incredible good price (299 Euro) in Germans electronic store called "Saturn". When I made pictures during events like School performance for example, I had to change the two lenses all the time. Now with the super zoom this is not necessary any more. The quality of the pictures is good. Much better them expected, after reading some test reports. When I have more experience after Christmas time I will let you know.

The price of this lens in Germany is app. 500 Euro (100% US$). So I'm very happy that I could buy it in the US for almost the half price. Klaus


Olympus 18-180mm f/3.5-6.3 ED Zuiko Digital Four Thirds Zoom Lens

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