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The D700 Delivers Pro-Level Performance

Nikon D700 Left Angle The D700 DSLR camera employs a larger image sensor than that of the D300, although with around the same megapixels indicating the sensor size to pixel density ratio on the D700 is way less than the Nikon D300. This ratio is only 1.4MP cm2 on the D700 and 3.3MP cm2 on the D300. This lower ratio means less noise for the D700. Lower noise when acquiring the same image because of the effective 12.1 MP Nikon FX-format image sensor with dimensions of 23.9 x 36mm, almost the exact same size as 35mm film. Benefiting from the Nikon legacy of innovative imaging technology, the D700 provides accurate color reproduction, stunning image quality, and ground-breaking poor light performance for skilled and professional photographers alike.

If we lived in an ideal world, no DX lenses would ever be allowed near the D700. Having said that, it's possible to employ DX lenses mounted on the D700. Mount a DX lens and the D700 automatically switches to DX format with no setting adjustments required. For the very reason that a DX lens only covers a portion of the D700 image sensor, it's maximum resolution becomes a mere 5.1 megapixels when used with a DX lens . This smaller coverage is automatically indicated by a box on the viewfinder of the D700. Additionally to less resolution, the high and low extremes of a zoom are not used. Within these limitations, the D700 can utilize DX lenses and turn out first-rate photos although using a lesser resolution and file sizes.

Building upon the huge success of the D3 professional DSLR, the D700 delivers pro-level performance plus a far-reaching array of characteristics and advances in a comfortably agile platform. Besides the Nikon-innovative FX-format CMOS image sensor, the D700 encompasses the Nikon EXPEED Image Processing Scheme, the Nikon legendary 51-point AF functon containing 3D Focus Tracking plus a pair of Live View shooting methods that allow the photographer to compose a shot by using the high-resolution three inch LCD screen. The D700 also encompasses the Nikon sophisticated Scene Recognition Scheme plus a fresh active dust reduction function.

The Nikon flagship D3 FX and the D300 DX-image format cameras, raised the bar for digital speed,, image quality, and unmatched ISO accomplishment. The D700 preserves this new measurement with broad depth and tonal range depth, overall extraordinary image quality, and exceedingly low noise all the way through its indigenous ISO 200 to 6400 range although it can be expanded to go from ISO 100 (Lo-1) to 25,600 (Hi-2)

My only dislike is that the hdmi and mini usb connectors rubber cover incessantly opens, this is somewhat strange considering that on the D90 its very secure and never opens.

Introduced July 1, 2008  Review Sep 28, 2011

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