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Nikon D5000 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera The Nikon D5000 DSLR DX is virtually a D90 compressed into a lighter smaller body (with no internal built-in AF motor, the pentamirror viewfinder is a little bit smaller and the grip is not as good - along with some other items, but there's a reason it's less expensive. Did I mention the D5000 includes more scene modes, and more tools fir in-camera editing, the D90 has an added live view mode, all of which are useful for photographer new to DSLRs.

With its distinctive LCD monitor with variable angles, that permits you to shooti from any angle with less effort, this DSLR camera really shines above the competition. These features all exist to let you simplify your life, or so you may use them as a learning tool and create more impressive images). The D5000 is packaged with features that allow fun and easy picture taking.

The D5000 has become heir to the D90ís revolutionary HD movie capacity, Nikonís exclusive D-Movie function, joined with broad in-camera editing tools, an extensive scene modes choices, 12.3MP sensor plus ISO 200 and 3200 high-sensitivity (that can be expanded to comparable ISO 100 and ISO 6400 for taking shots in a variety of lighting situations, It is increasingly simpler to shoot quality photos with this camera.. This camera has no built-in motor, so lenses must have the motor to allow autofocus.

Take a different view of life
The LCD monitor of the D5000, a 2.7-inch vari-angle unit provides a completely new point-of-view on photography, permitting you to easily shoot images from the angle of choice. Its variable, movable screen permits you to perfectly adjust the camera to match the shot ot angle you wish to obtain - so if need to take a shot at ground level or you are at an event and you wish to get an unobstructed viewpoint for your shot that is higher than the crowd. The vari-angle monitor can be adjusted to allow you the greatest view of the subject.

Close the cover for monitor protection or put it in the regular position for normal viewfinder shooting. You can even turn the monitor around for perfectly-framed self-portrait without effort. You can be grateful for Nikonís ergonomic design and a screen screen that opens downward, which will stay out your way. This willow you to prevent camera shake by retaining a secure grip on the camera body. The choices go on and on.

Live View and D-Movie
You can get really creative using a DSLR camera for shooting movie clips. A case in point, you can change to another lens for a fresh point of view and even before you start shooting, you can use the settings for Picture Control to augment the emotional impression of your movies . The D5000 offers - high-def movie capture (D-Movie (and audio) completely compatible with the newest TV screens and there's an HDMI output that allows for a simple connection. The Live View mode has single button acces that permits you to compose and view your r movie or image on the vari-angle LCD monitor to allow the best possible framing. When shooting stills, the camera provides four types of AF contrast (new subject tracking, face detection, wide area, and normal area ) to allow capturing as simple as possible. In AF mode subject tracking , the camera will start tracking the subject all over again once it moves from the frame and returns again, allowing your target to constantly be in focus.

Set the Scene
With the sum of of 19 total scene modes, you do not have to have expansive knowledge of digital photography to shoot impressive pictures. Just dial in Ďsceneí, choose a suitable scene mode setting and let the camera do the rest for you. The D5000 will show an example scene to allow you make easier choice. The camera has a vast range of editing functions that are built-in, another simple-to-use feature that allows your images to be edited and visual effects created in-camera, even before you turn on a computer.

Even more
Even in it;s own right, the D5000 is a first rate quality camera along with all the other features, There's high-sensitivity 12.3 effective MP CMOS sensor, A precise and fast 11-point AF system, Nikonís ground-breaking EXPEED high-speed image-processing system, and high-performance, durable shutter, and for those with substantially more photographic knowledge it is also well suited. Image quality is further assured by the image sensor cleaning device with a system of controlled airflow, Picture Control amd Active D-Lighting . practical and enjoyable playback options. Photos can be viewed in groups of up to 72, plus, there is a calendar view to organize photos by date and time. And to make exposure control easier for serious photo enthusiasts, the D5000 can present a histogram on magnified areas of the image. The handling also has a good feel, with Nikonís ergonomic design in a light, compact body. The Quiet shooting mode is new and will be appreciated for those who shoot images in quieter settings and, when flash is necessary, the built-in flash will auto-detect when there is a need for flash. Nikonís GP-1 GPS-compatibility component will be helpful for those moving around when pinpointing exact shooting positions, as with HDMI output as you ultimately wish to show off your fantastic images to your friends and family. The Nikon D5000 accepts a large assortment of AF-S and AF-I Nikon lenses. The D5000 is compatible with Nikkor AF-D, AF, AF-I, AF-S and AF-I lenses. The fact is it compatible with every AF lens made after 1985, But for autofocus, they must be AF lenses 

The camera lacks a built in autofocus motor, which means that only Nikon lenses designated with AF-I and AF-S can be used in autofocus mode with the D40, D40X, D60, D3000, D3100 and D5000), and the lenses designated AF, AF-D, AF-G, or AF-N can only be used in manual focus mode. Many recent third-party lenses from Sigma, Tamron and Tokina now support compatible integrated focusing motors. 12/13/2010

For Sigma, look for HSM - Hyper Sonic Motor
For Tamron, look for BIM - Built-In Motor for Nikon Cameras
And for Tokina, look for SD-M - Silent Drive-Module  autofocus motor.

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