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Nikon D4, Professional DSLR Nikon is calling their new D4 DSLR Camera the "total professional imaging machine". And they are correct in doing this. Engineered for working photographers, the Nikon D4 endures the most-demanding photographers requirements and then some. Loaded with essential features to doing the job, and doing it well this device is more than just a DSLR camera, it's the photographer's bread & butter.

Building upon the basic foundation of its forerunner, the D4 is big in many ways which will surely be appreciated. The camera has a 36 x 23.9 mm 16.2mp CMOS image sensor featuring the Nikon FX-format along with the EXPEED3 imaging processor. ISO sensitivity may now be expanded down to ISO 50 or up to 204,800 along with a normal range of ISO 100-12,800. In addition, there's 10 fps of continuous shooting using FX-format for as many as 200 shots make certain that decisive moment will never be lost.

The D4 shoots using JPEG, TIFF, RAW, and RAW + JPEG. Options for metering include center-weighted, 3D Color RGB Matrix III and spot. Compatible media storage includes Type I CompactFlash cards which are (UDMA compliant) and the XQD memory cards, the professional storage of the future. Naturally, all Nikon AF-S plus AF-I lenses can be used with the D4, making an extensive array of lenses available to the photographer.

One more improvement over D4's predecessor is the somewhat larger LCD screen. Increased from 3 to 3.2" the LCD monitor has a viewing angle of 170, with virtually 100% frame coverage, there's also automatic brightness control of the monitor, plus Live View. In Live View mode an image can be increased up to 46x for on the spot confirmation of focus. There are illuminated buttons Surrounding the monitor making it easy to use even in poor light. Quick Live View access confirms white balance, exposure, balance, histogram, monitor hue, AF area mode, auto focus area mode, focus mode, area mode, and easy focusing accuracy.

The D4 also features stellar auto focus functions - such as AF mode selection switch, 51 AF points, and quick AF point selection. These three components within the AF system provide fast, accurate, shooting and it doesn't matter if your subject is a fast paced sporting event. or a room with lots of of children.

Naturally, the D4 could not be called a professional series DSLR if full HD video was not included. The D4 does this, making it a professional videographer's tool just as much as it is a professional photographer's. Starting at 1080p broadcast video quality using 30 or 24 frames per second to complete manual control including an option for adding an external microphone allowing for capture of stereo audio, the D4 is not simply a DSLR camera that captures video also.

Features such as Live View let videographers confirm their footage capture right on the LCD of the camera plus an (optional) external monitor at the same time. It also allows editing of Picture Controls for handling the appearance and feeling of the video, right in-camera. There's also peak audio meters allowing the videographer to manually adjust sound levels using 20 incremental positions. Also there are optional wireless and wired remote start and end. which can also be for used with other remote accessories. Jan 7, 2011

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