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Nikon D3100 14MP HD Video DSLR Camera Right Front ViewNikon D3100 14MP HD Video DSLR Camera. For those of you looking for new digital DSLR camera, stop right here, this is the one. There are none of the drawbacks associated with the D3000. The fast buffer is never overwhelmed. Even when overloaded on purpose with continuous shots, the buffer will clear exceptionally fast (with ADL on if you're curious). High ISO image sensitivity is also superb. Just think about it, with Auto ISO on the range goes all the way up to 3200 - WHEW!, and there's no visible noise. You can shoot just about everything with it, but a SB 400 flash helps.  

Also the quality of the sensor has been greatly improved and has been changed from a CCD as in the D3000 to the greatly advanced CMOS processor. A lot more light is now captured with an expanded ISO range of 100 to 12,800 and has an upgraded 11-point auto focusing system that envelops a noticeably larger area of the viewfinder . This and the latest processor have better subject recognition and now provide for in-camera edition of videos.

The D3100 is targeted at beginners and still keeps attributes simple with FPS continuous shooting mode and a non-movable three-inch LCD. The guide mode still remains, but users can now save their image profiles to photograph with accustomed settings later.

The D3100 does not have a built in autofocus motor, only allowing Nikon lenses designated with AF-I and AF-S to be used in autofocus mode with the D40, D40X, D60, D3000, D3100 and D5000), and the lenses designated AF, AF-D, AF-G, or AF-N can only be used in manual focus mode. Many recent third-party lenses from Sigma, Tamron and Tokina now support compatible integrated focusing motors.

For Sigma, look for HSM - Hyper Sonic Motor
For Tamron, look for BIM - Built-In Motor for Nikon Cameras
And for Tokina, look for SD-M - Silent Drive-Module  autofocus motor.

Announced Aug 19, 2010 - Updated 12/22/2010

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