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Easy to Blow Up Your Photos to 16" x 20"

Nikon D3000 10MP Digital SLR Camera Trying out several entry level cameras to to replace a point and shoot, I kept coming back to the DSLR Nikon D3000. Now, there's no way the D3000 will blow away the experienced photographer, none the less it covers all the basics and then some.

First time DSLR photographers will get a lot of use from Nikon's Guide Mode. It will literally walk you from beginning to end of distinct shoot situation using the f 3" LCD monitor. An excellent guide, the step by step directions allow you to move away from the guide booklet in a short time. After just a few times through, you'll feel right a home shooting in manual mode. A quick shutter release is a great surprise.

After a few times of taking the Nikon D3000 out for a shoot, you'll come away in awe. Using manual mode, indoor images are balanced with the ideal blend of color and shadow. As expected when shooting in poor lighting conditions, noise will show up. conversely the D3000 system can be adjusted to dispense outstanding indoor photos by using the proper settings.

One primary solution lies within the VR setting on the lens itself. This needs be engaged, especially when indoors. Using a tripod is a definite help. Using auto mode, you can just set the dial on night portrait, then enjoy the balance of your shoot. Outdoor images are vivid, rich in color and sharp without post editing. The internal flash system is quite capable in adding fill flash conditions. There is no doubt about the general performance of this camera, image quality and features and are excellent.

Having 10.2 megapixels at your disposal, it's easy to blow up your personal favorites to 16" x 20". You might not see yourself exchanging your Nikon D300 for the D3000l anytime in the near future, this camera is an overwhelming step up above any of highly tweaked point and shoots available.

It becomes quick to see how the autofocusing system is the crown jewel in this camera . Count them, six auto settings: Sports, ,Landscape, Close ups, Child, Portrait, plus Night Portrait. Now every photo becomes a keeper. For tweakers, there's onboard editing that covers all the basic functions. The D3000 even operates on either SD or SDHC cards.

The D3000 comes with an 18-55mm zoom AF-S lens. The D3000 It will shoot with any Nikon DX or AF-S lens. However, earlier Nikkor editions or comparable AF lens without AF-S will not shoot in auto although they will work just fine using manual mode. Since the D3000 has no on-board optical image stabilizer system, Your best option is to switch the VR on which is located right on the lens. The most positive anti-vibration device is still a tripod mounted camera.

Nikon keeps it real simple by using a thumbwheel dial for tweaking shutter speed and aperture. Focusing modes, exposure compensation and metering, and are easy to control by way of the menus. There is no video mode installed on the D3000, but it easily shoots continuous mode at over fps. There's a 3D tracking sensor which functions quite well in poor lighting conditions.

The Nikon D3000 ships packaged with the 18-55mm NIKKOR  zoom lens and lens cap, an EN/EL3e Li-ion battery, battery charger, video cable, USB cable, camera strap, eye cup, eye cap, software CD-ROM, instruction guide plus a full year Nikon warranty.

Right off the bat, I believe the D3000 carries somewhat of a hefty price for a no-frills DSLR. I'm sure that after the new wears off there will begin to be a noticeable drop in price. Having said that, the D3000 comes as a finely tuned heir to the enormously popular beginner level D40. First time DSLR users will be certain to enjoy this outstanding replacement.

There is no onboard autofocus motor, therefore only allowing the camera to mount Nikkor lenses labeled AF-I or AF-S to be employed in autofocus mode using the beginner level D40, D40X, D60, D3000, D3100 and D5000 cameras. Lenses labeled AF, AF-D, AF-G, or AF-N may only be employed using manual focus. There area a number of newer third-party lens offerings from  Sigma, Tamron and Tokina now support compatible integrated focusing motors.

For Sigma, look for HSM - Hyper Sonic Motor
For Tamron, look for BIM - Built-In Motor for Nikon Cameras
And for Tokina, look for SD-M - Silent Drive-Module  autofocus motor. 

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