Nikon 70-200mm f/4G VR Lens

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Perfect Balance Between Advanced Lens Technologies With Exceptional Optics,

Nikon 70-200mm f/4G VR telezoomTelephoto zoom with claimed 5-stop stabilization a perfect balance between advanced lens technologies with exceptional optics, and an array of popular focal ranges. Engineered for the Nikon full-frame FX-format, this G-series zoom lens also works great when mounted on Nikon DX-format cropped sensor cameras.

When mounted on a DX camera, the focal length becomes a 105-300mm 35mm equivalent zoom - featuring a maximum lens aperture of f/4 through the entire zoom mounted on both FX- or DX-formats. A number of advanced Nikon technologies have been combined to equip this lens with extraordinary optical quality, along with helpful features designed for poor-light photography, including three ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) Elements, VR (Vibration Reduction), SWM (Silent Wave Motor), and a number of optical glass coatings.

Perhaps the most beneficial of all the technologies is the Vibration Reduction function, which diminishes camera shake and lets you shoot handheld in poor-light environments. This technology lets you shoot as much as five times slower shutter speeds than you could otherwise, resulting in much crisper photos and HD movies.

When shooting under less than desirable situations, you need to be able to can depend upon your shots being focused quietly, quickly and precisely. The Nikon exclusive SWM (Silent Wave Motor) provides all of the above, with a seamless and quick manual override also. This is all accomplished within the barrel of the lens, due to the G-series lens Internal Focus layout, so that the lens length remains the same as you focus or zoom.

Focus as near as 3.3' letting you zoom in on subjects, large or small, all from a relaxed working distance. Autofocus may be turned off when you don't need or want it, switch it off using the M/A (Manual/Auto) focusing mode that delivers almost no lag time by merely moving the focusing ring found on the lens. You never need to take your eyes away from looking through the viewfinder to change from quick autofocus, to advanced manual focus and back again

Delving deeper within the lens, you'll discover it features 20 elements within 14 groups, while three of them are ED (Extra-low Dispersion) elements, along with being Nano Crystal Coat (anti-reflective) plus multilayer Super Integrated Coatings. The ED elements deliver improved color correction and sharpness by cutting down on chromatic aberration - even when at its widest aperture opening, while its Nano Crystal Coat inhibits flare, ghosting, and internal lens reflections.

With 5 vibration reduction stops, a terrific telephoto zoom range, and highest quality optics, the Nikon 70-200mm f/4G VR ED zoom lens delivers clear, crisp photos in brilliant sunlight or faint twilight ✓

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Lens type Zoom lens  
Max Format size 35mm FF  
Focal length 70 200 mm  
Image stabilization Yes (VR, 5 stops)  
Lens mount Nikon F (FX)  
Maximum aperture F4.0  
Elements 20  
Groups 14  
Autofocus Yes  
Motor type Ring-type ultrasonic  
Full time manual Yes  
Focus method Internal  
Distance scale Yes  
DoF scale No  
Sealing No  
Color Black  
Zoom method Rotary (internal)  
Tripod collar No


Nikon 70-200mm f/4G VR telezoom

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