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Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera The new Nikon 1 V1 allows you to pursue and express every one of life's moments. Your images will spark conversations as the new Nikon 1 V1 assists you in interpreting it all. Let your creative freedom run free with an fresh imaging system engineered for both today and tomorrow.

Nikon 1 lets you share the very astonishing world that we live in.
Rais your creativity to new levels For your very flexible style of life through a fresh new imaging system engineered with the freedom to originate and articulate in mind. Creativity without traditional restraints is yours by balancing high performance, portability, advanced features, and freshly engineered system of interchangeable lenses. Condensed and highly transportable, the new Nikon 1 V1 will go every place you go. Astounding images are acquired with a decidedly responsive auto focusing system plus super quick shooting speeds. A single touch of a dial and you're capturing Full (1080p) HD movies. Click high resolution still pictures even while you are recording Attach a Speedlight flash unit to include fill light, or employ the GPS unit for adding location data to picture files. Instill the world you live in with imagery and convey your images as never before.

David Busch's Nikon V1 Guide to Digital Movie and Still Photography Although they share a few features, the Nikon mirrorless V! camera is pretty much different than its cousin, the mirrorless Nikon J1. That's the very reason David Busch wrote a second book, purely dedicated to the more expanded V1 version, rather than try and lump both cameras into a solitary book. The Nikon V1 features a high res electronic viewfinder that's missing in the J1, an LCD with double the resolution, and includes both a mechanical and electronic shutter, plus an accessory shoe allowing add-ons such as a tilt able flash unit and GPS device, plus the capability for using an external mic for even better quality video. Unmistakably, the V1 is a camera for enthusiast's.

Behold the innovative fresh Nikon 1 System
A leap forward in technology and layout. Acquire each incredible moment of life using the latest imaging technology evolution. At the center of the Nikon 1 is the EXPEED 3, a finale of years of commitment to evolving digital imaging engineering. Behold outstanding system operation, quick dual image processors, the last word in focal-plane phase discovery auto focus plus the quickest data transfer rates. Superior tone reproduction, image quality, advanced noise reduction, plus the ability to fashion a completely new type of photo are all included with the completely new Nikon 1.

 $899.95 (Suggested Retail) Product Number: 2100%4

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Four lenses will initially be available for both cameras:

Nikkor 1 10mm f/2.8 Prime Lens
Nikkor 1 VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens
Nikkor 1 VR 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD-Zoom
Nikkor 1 VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 Zoom

Nikon FT-1 lens mount adapterTo go along with Nikon's initial incursion into the new mirrorless camera field, Nikon has announced several new accessories to work with the V1 and J1 cameras.

The biggest deal of all the accessories is the FT-1 lens mount adapter, which lets you to mount AF-S and AF-I lenses on the Nikon 1 CX cameras. This is seriously important, as those who own Nikon lenses have the opportunity to use their existing lenses on this fresh smaller mirrorless layout. It also should provide for some interesting photography options, such as mounting a big 300mm lens on a miniature sensor to create super zoom factor.

Nikon FT-1 lens mount adapter


With the widest lens available for the Nikon 1 system being 10mm, (a 27mm  35mm equivalent focal length). Now 27mm is not very wide. However the closest thing to a wide angle would be the Sigma 8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM Lens which would work out to a  (24-48mm 35mm equivalent on the Nikon 1 CX, still not all that wide) by using the Nikon FT-1 Lens Adapter.

Lenses for the Nikon 1 System

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Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera

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