Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5D ED-IF AF Lens

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It's Performance Is Surprisingly Good

Nikon 18-35mm Lens If you were looking for a pro lens, this is not it. The Nikkor 18-35 is only a consumer-level ultra-wide zoom (For comparable focal length pro grade lens take a look at the Nikkor 17-35 and the Nikkor 16-35 lenses). The Nikkor 18-35 costs a whole lot less and way lighter than any pro lens, although the build quality is a somewhat less robust. Having just verbally beat it some, I'll say the 18-35 is a superb lens considering the price level, and is easy to carry around all day when you need too. It is made well and can handle all the daily abuse of use and traveling in practically any situation. The lens seems to have perfect balance on a D700, and this has turned out to be my all day goto combination for trips.

It's performance surprisingly good, and delivers great color and saturation. I like to shoot this lens at 18mm (f3.5) wide open which provides some background separation, although the corners are no were near as sharp, they don't take away from the photos . The corners look better stopped down, but in actuality they're never razor-sharp at the 18mm wide end. Using settings beyond 18mm, the softness disappears and the photos at 24 thru 35mm look next to perfect. This lens works faultless for just about street photography, snapshots, action shots, nature photos, and travel images, but gets low marks as an architectural lens or for true landscape shots owing to the corner softness, although it's still usable if you're pick the subjects in the corners when you shoot. (Fabulous on a DX, see remarks below) Autofocus (using a D700) is quick and precise enough for those action shots of any pet at close range. 

Using a Nikon DX DSLR, only the center segment of this lens will be used (due to the APS-C sensor size in the SLR) so go ahead and expect superb, even spectacular images. This is a wonderful lens for nature shots, landscape, portraits, and just plain wandering around shooting snapshots. For Somebody who only wanted a single lens that was non- telephoto could live happily ever after by selecting this excellent, adaptable lens. It is great for vacations, parties, and the whole nine yards.

After shooting a whole bunch of shots, I have to say, if you're looking at this lens for an FX Nikon I would skip this lens do the lack of corner sharpness and look for somewhat faster glass. Although this lens really makes sense for DX bodies, In fact I would call it perfect. It's tied with the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 as my favorite DX lens. It's light, robust, and captures beautiful pictures for somewhat half price of one of those pro lenses. Jan 13, 2011  ✓

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Nikon 18-35mm Lens

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