Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR ED Lens

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The Focus is Silent and Extremely Fast

Nikon 18-105mm VR Lens If you want a great fun Digital SLR DX wide-angle  telephoto lens. this is it. Now if you're a pixel peeper person that analyzes things to no end like shooting newspaper text or a photographing brick wall to measure for distortion and sharpness, don't get this lens, you'll need the Nikkor 24-70 or the 70-200. But if you're just going use it for capturing normal everyday pictures and viewing the  resulting images like a normal sane person, then this is the zoom lens.

Overall this lens has a very robust feel with a good build It has a nice fit and finish and shows detailed attention to quality control. The zoom and focus rings feel and glide quite well. even though there's a somewhat slight plastic sliding quality. The switches function OK and in general everything seems as though will hold up for a long time frame. Of course it's no equal to a mid 80's Nikkor prime, but that's hardly a fair comparison. For starters they are constructed quite different have dissimilar components and they are employed differently.  

Personally I have a difficult time understanding the difference a metal lens mount would make instead of a plastic one like this lens employs. You'd think that if the lens was removed and re-installed then it could possibly make some difference. Although a plastic lens mount would be easier the metal camera mount. Plastic is somewhat self lubricating could inhibit both from scratching. In spite of this confounding dilemma, I still sleep well at night.

Ok. let's talk about performance. The focus is silent and extremely fast. The reach very useful. The smaller maximum aperture can be compensated by using a higher zoom which also provided beautiful portrait bokeh. The VR combined with a higher ISO allows it to be very capable of capturing available interior light without requiring flash to interfere with color balance.

The 18-105 is exceedingly sharp. The images come out well and I have no problems in that area and anything erroneous in shooting those photos can be put down as photographer error. Also there was only positive effects on the color, no purple fringing, just really favorable results over the details and sharpness this lens captures.

The lens looks sort of plain Jane lacking even the silver ring the 18-55 sports. Also, there's no front end lens markings and no focal length indicators.    

Also it comes with a very annoying lens cap, (This is a recurring issue among the 18-135mm and 18-200mm lenses) perhaps due to the way the cap was molded from two surfaces that are pressed together to take it off the lens are smooth, short, and are made with an angle which allows your fingers slip off. Consequently the cap falls from your hand onto the ground. keep this in mind when standing on a cliff, a soiled floor or a grate. Feb 2,, 2011  ✓

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Lens type Zoom lens  
Max Format size APS-C / DX  
Focal length 18105 mm  
Image stabilisation Yes (vibration reduction up to 3 stops)  
Lens mount Nikon F (DX)  
Maximum aperture F3.5 - F5.6  
Minimum aperture F22.0 - F36.0  
Aperture ring No  
Number of diaphragm blades 7  
Elements 15  
Groups 11  
Special elements / coatings ED glass element and aspherical lens element  
Minimum focus 0.45 m (17.72)  
Autofocus Yes  
Motor type Ultrasonic  
Full time manual Unknown  
Focus method Internal  
Weight 420 g (0.93 lb)  
Diameter 76 mm (2.99)  
Length 89 mm (3.5)  
Materials Plastic barrel, plastic mount  
color Black  
Zoom method Rotary (internal)  
Filter thread 67 mm  
Hood supplied Yes  
Hood product code HB-32


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