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Overall, The Lens Makes Up For Every Dollar You Spend On It

Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S DX Nikkor Zoom Lens Now I know, a few of you will argue that the point that for a far less dollars you can get a Tamron f/2.8 SP AF17-50mm Di II Lens complete with hood or a Sigma 18-50mm EX DC f/2.8 HSM Macro, although any such comparisons are totally off base.

For starters, the $800 price difference is not just marketing hype. It is sign of totally a totally unique image performance, a better quality build (metal plus sealing), the AF speed and the overall sensation of shooting with a real professional lens.

By comparison, the Tamron has some problems with overexposing flash using TTL & TTL BL functions with my SB800. I don't know why this occurred using the Tamron, but there were no similar occurrences with the 17-55mm lens. However, Tamron has much slower AF speed which can be seen especially in poor lighting conditions. Try to focus using the 17-55 with ambient light employing a 60W bulb and there'll be no issues. Then try the identical shot using a Tamron and there'll be problems.

One more annoying issue is the CA that I've observe using the Tamron, even with stopping the lens down. Personally I dislike strong CA as my images turn out similar to compact digital camera photos..

Although, the 17-50 Tammy is an excellent competitor and possibly an option for someone with a tight budget. Maybe saving up for the Nikon and waiting for it could be worth the time and every cent.

The lens is exceptionally sharp, even when wide open at f/2.8. It becomes almost over sharp set at f5.6 and should allow you to decide to never want to employ the on-board-camera sharpening at any setting other than normal. While this may create a few issues for portraiture shooting, for example, in softening just a little some undesirable features of your model's face... This sharpness is result of the fabulous lens optics and also to the exceptional microcontrast the lens renders. Overall, the microcontrast transmutes into very natural-appearing images and outstanding rendition of challenging hues and tones that skin tones have.

Out in the direct sunlight, the lens tends to reveal a slight magenta tone but is readily correctable either with employing a filter on the lens or by post processing using raw files. This could be because of the lens by itself or - more likely - the lens plus antialising filter plus the image sensor employed by the D80, and any results might be dissimilar using another Nikon camera. The lens obviously has a coating for neutral gray interpretation with a color temperature of 6000K, for example, like the one while using a flash. It may be a good idea to use the manual white balance iso 6000 using the D80, 17-55DX, and SB800 plus A flash mode. I got good results employing this setting.

The Nikon 17-55DX is very contrasty so you might have some difficulties when shooting jpeg images on a brilliant sunny day with large image dynamics. Your best bet is to adjust your camera tone positions to low or lowest (-1 or -2) plus mode I or III sRGB. Not an issue using raw as dynamics can be fixed in Capture NX. They do not exist with filtered or diffused light.

Overall, the lens makes up for every dollar you spend on it. There's a fantastic build quality that will continue impress from the very first moment compose using it. it has excellent sharpness, image quality and color rendition and that is equal to the real scene characteristics for color and naturalness . It; sealed against the environments using a rubber ring both internally and at the lens flange, the AF operates blazingly quick and it's a top investment in a first-rate optical system.

There are a couple of small issues with this lens: Annoying at first is the tiny zoom ring, although you get accustomed to it. The lens easily flares - Point it toward a source of light, either directly or indirectly and the lens has a tendency to flare. The massive hood can certainly be used to alleviate flare.

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Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S DX Nikkor Zoom Lens

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