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Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens - Mai Offering the capacity to shoot dramatic, never available before, super-wide angle images. Up until a few years back, prior to Nikon figuring out how to mass produce these aspheric lens elements, fabricating a 14 element lens of this complexity at an affordable cost was just not possible. This lens is a significantly wider angle when measured up to to the older 12-24mm.

This DX lens may also be mounted on an FX camera. What A nice surprise, of course there are some limitations. Even though it will only provide the entire zoom range mounted on a smaller DX sensor camera, it actually envelops the FX camera frame - not the full range mind you, however beginning at 24mm down to around 18mm focal length, producing acceptable vignette that is acceptable. I have used on a Nikon F6 that way and on D700. (On the D700, set the Vignette function to high and turn off the the DX Crop default) What an alright feature, as it it allows someone who only wants to occasionally use a full frame camera with this 18-24mm lens with no need to go buy another new lens when they have this one in their bag.

In response to other reviewers that whine about the made in China plastic construction. Making this lens of steel and brass similar to a Leica lens, it would weigh in like a tank, be much more expensive, and shoot no better images. So, ask yourself this. Is it more imperative to have smooth controls or have the ability to capture photos with a new style? In my view Nikon has gone down the right road - state of the art computer design, innovative construction of aspheric elements, decent enough build, and innovative capability and affordable enough for the amateur photographer masses.

In comparing the Nikkor 10-24mm to the 10-20mm Sigma, it's better, but I don't see better being twice-as-good. In no way is the Nikon image quality twice as the quality of the Sigma, let alone justifying a price that is double. I Also, I believe the Nikon doesn't actually have any better build or feel than the Sigma. Nikon is built in China, while the Sigma is made in Japan. Go figure.

 Focusing carefully the Nikkor 10-24 lens seems to be equal to the 10-20 Sigma that I love so much. Although not corner-corner sharp, that would be some sort of miracle for a 10mm, although a tad better than anything else I've seen from the competitors. on the whole, the lens still is not the best value for the provided quality, however if price is not the primary objective you'll love the focal range and color rendition consistency similar to your other Nikkor lenses. Although If you're looking for the absolute best buy for your dollar go get the Sigma. Jan 14, 2011. Announced  Apr 14, 2009 ✓


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Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens - Mai

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