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Toyo-View 810GII View Camera
Toyo-View 810GII View Camera

The view camera was first developed in the era of the Daguerreotype and still in use today, though with many refinements. It comprises a flexible bellows which forms a light-tight seal between two adjustable standards, one of which holds a lens, and the other a viewfinder or a photographic film holder.

The bellows is a flexible, accordion-pleated box, which encloses the space between the lens and film, and has the ability to flex to accommodate the movements of the standards.

The front standard is a board at the front of the camera which holds the lens and, usually, a shutter.

At the other end of the bellows, the rear standard is a frame which holds a ground glass, used for focusing and composing the image before exposure, which is replaced by a holder containing the light-sensitive film, plate, or image sensor for exposure. The front and rear standards can move in various ways relative to each other, unlike most other types of camera, giving control over focus, depth of field and perspective.

8x10 Large Format Cameras
Arca-Swiss 8x10 Large Format Cameras

Arca-Swiss - 5 models at B&H Photo Video

Bulldog Self Assembly Camera

Bulldog Self Assembly Camera Buy the Bulldog Self Assembly Camera

Linhof Kardan GT 8x10 lightweight system camera

Linhof. The Kardan GT 8x10 is a lightweight system camera for studio and location, combining the proven design details of the Kardan range with an innovative monorail and base tilt elements, providing tri-axial camera adjustments to yield yaw-free movements, both with direct and indirect displacements. The modular design concept, in conjunction with the telescoping monorail, guarantees outstanding stability and provides full format flexibility with rapid conversion to 4x5" and 5x7". Special dovetail fittings allow for sliding the entire monorail back and forth freely on the tripod head. • Yaw-free with precise parallel alignment. • Scales for repeat settings and instant depth-of-field calculations. • Center axis swings and tilts for uncomplicated Scheimpflug adjustments. Parallel locks on base tilt guarantees perfect camera alignment. Expanding monorail eliminates the need for costly add-on extensions. Perfect for professionals and advanced amateurs alike. Convertible to 4x5" or 5x7" format. Outstanding stability. Buy The Linhof Kardan GT 8x10

Big brother of the 45GII, the Toyo-View 810GII

The big brother of the 45GII, the Toyo-View 810GII is known as one of the most functional and rigid 8x10's on the market. With a wide range of movements, the 810GII is an integral part of the Toyo G Series modular camera system. It's heavy-duty all-metal construction, easy to operate center tilt design, and precise all geared movements with dual locking system make it the industry standard for quality, function and value. The 810GII features Toyo's 8x10 reversible back with dual bail arm lifters, geared fine focus, geared rise, and geared shift in front and rear, and interchangeable bellows. The modular frame and rail design allows conversion to 5x7 or 4x5 with full compatibility of accessories. 4x5 and 5x7 reducing adapters are also available. A universal and comprehensive system which grows with your professional needs. • Heavy-duty modular system studio camera with precision geared focus, rise and shift • Interchangeable G/GX 39mm monorails • Uses all TOYO G system accessories • Center tilt maintains focus as you tilt • Micro-fine rack and pinion focusing • Geared side to side shift • Geared rise/fall action • Independent locks on all movements.


Type Monorail System View Camera
Format 8x10 conversion to 5x7 or 4x5
Camera Movements -
Rise front/rear 145/170mm
Swing 60
Tilt 80
Lateral shift front/rear 70/120mm
Back swing 60
Back tilt 100
Camera back Reversible 8x10 back
Bellows Interchangeable
Bellows extention 500mm
Tripod socket 3/8" tripod socket
Lens panel Toyo 158mm square lens board
Sprit level Dual Axis Spirit Level
Dimentions 11.5 x 18.5 x 16.8" (291 x 471 x 427mm)
Weight 19.6 lbs
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Horseman LD View Camera for Nikon, F Mount small

Horseman LD View Camera for Nikon, F Mount . Get a medium or large format view camera with the Horseman LD View Camera. Using the LD maintains all of the cameras normal functions (except for auto focus functions of course), and you can attach any standard medium or large format camera lens (including those with Hasselblad and Mamiya mounts).

  4x5 Large Format View Cameras
The Calumet 45NXII 4x5 format combines precision controls and full image-control movements with incredible value. It features tried-and-true view camera standards that have made Calumet and Cambo cameras the most popular view cameras in the world for the past 20 years.The 45NXII also features a convenient reversible back for easy format changes from vertical to horizontal and which accept Graflok or International roll film backs. It also is compatible with the Calumet and Cambo accessory system, making the 45NXII adaptable to just about any view camera application. Buy The Calumet 45NXII 4x5 Camera