Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex Camera

The Rollei 2.8GX The major difference between the 2.8GX camera and the 2.8FX is mainly cosmetic. The camera is covered with embossed brown alligator calf leather. Chrome plated edges at the back complete the camera's sophisticated & elegant look. The logo on the the camera's front is the same one which adorned Rolleiflex cameras of the 1930s.

The tried and true carrying strap eyelets of earlier models have been returned. The legendary Rollei twin-lens reflex camera complete with an 80 mm Planar f/2.8 HFT lens; features a protective lens cap, carrying strap along with a size III filter bayonet.

A Photographic Legend

Photography certainly has its legends. The twin-lens Rolleiflex for 6x6cm is undoubtly one of these legends. When initially introduced in 1929, this style camera was an immediate sensation while the principle behind it was a real act of genius. The Rolleiflex has been a decisive influence on the history of photography over decades. Wherever an event occurred that was factor in the course of history, someone was using a Rolllei capturing it on film.

This is the very reason twin-lens reflex camera enthusiasts and top professional photographers have repeatedly asked Rollei to persist with this classic camera design - however with all the additional advantages of modern technology. The end result is the Rolleiflex 2.8 FX; classic twin-lens design with the engineering features of a modern automatic Rolleiflex camera.

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Camera Type Manual focus, leaf shutter, Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)
Format 6 x 6cm
Film Back/Loading Standard manual loading, match arrows, close back and wind to first frame
Film Type 120 film ONLY: 6 x 6 (12 frames)
Lens/Mount Built-in 80mm f/2.8 Rollei Planar HFT; Equivalent to a 52mm lens in the 35mm format; Angle of view = 53 degrees; Bay III filter mount size
Shutter Seiko mechanical lens shutter; Shutter speeds 1 sec. to 1/500th and B
Shutter Release Lock-able button release on camera body lower front; Accepts standard mechanical cable release
Self Timer Not Applicable
Flash Synchronization Flash synchronization possible at all shutter speeds; Standard PC connection for electronic flash connection on camera body lower front; TTL flash dedicated hot shoe on camera body lower side; TTL/OTF flash metering possible with SCA compatible flash units when used with optional SCA356 adapter
Mirror Lock-Up Not Applicable
Exposure Metering TTL center-weighted manual exposure; Metering range EV 3-18
Exposure Bracketing Not Applicable
Exposure Compensation Possible for TTL flash via ISO setting dial
Depth-of-Field Preview Not Applicable
Viewfinder Folding viewfinder hood is supplied as standard and is interchangeable with optional 45 degree and 90 degree prism finders. Parallax compensation corresponding to distance set. Interchangeable standard focusing screen is a split-image/micro prism type with grid-lines. Note: This camera uses the same focusing screens as the 6000 series Rollei models.
Viewfinder Info Metering indication by five LED's
Film Transport Permanent manual film winding crank located on camera body side which simultaneously advances the film and cocks the shutter.
Multiple Exposure Yes
Focusing System Manual with rotating knob on camera body side; Minimum focusing distance = 1m (3.3 feet). This camera includes a gold-plated Rolleinar II close-up lens set. The Rolleinar II set is only available with this 75th Anniversary model. Optional Rolleinar I close-up lens set #ROR1SB3 allows for focusing at distances from 39 1/2 to 17 3/4" (100 to 45cm).
Power Source PX28 type 6V silver oxide or lithium battery. Battery powers light meter only
Custom Functions Not Applicable
Data Imprinting Not Applicable
Tripod Mount 1/4" standard socket with integral mounting plate for rapid mounting with the optional Rolleifix quick-release tripod mount #96548
Dimensions 5.8 x 4.3 x 4.25" (147 x 109 x 108mm) HWD
Weight 1.275kg (45 oz)



Rolleiflex 2.8 FX Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex Camera


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