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Phase One 645DF Medium Format Digital Camera

COPENHAGEN, September 28, 2009 – Phase One, the world’s leader in open-platform medium format camera systems and solutions, today announced the Phase One 645DF camera. Engineered in partnership with Mamiya Digital Imaging for superior quality image capture and ease of handling, it sets a new standard for high flash sync speeds – up to 1/1600 of a second. 

Phase One 645DF Camera - Front Also today, Phase One announced the availability of three new high performance leaf shutter lenses, 55mm, 80mm and 110mm, all f/2.8 and all designed with the Phase One 645DF camera in mind. The lenses are a result of close collaboration with Mamiya Digital Imaging and Schneider Kreuznach (see today’s related announcement).

“Our patent-pending flash sync breakthrough eases working with wide open apertures and fill-in flash on location,” said Jan H. Christiansen, Phase One marketing director. “We already offer the most flexible exposure times ranging from 1/4000 of a second to one full hour. Setting new performance standards is all about expanding creative options for photographers.”

The 645DF camera is the only 645 medium format camera which supports both focal plane and leaf shutters, expanding photographers’ innovative possibilities by leveraging the two shutter technologies seamlessly for world class photography, whether this involves ultrafast flash sync speeds or extremely flexible exposure times.

The new camera introduces many performance improvements over its predecessor. Capture responsiveness and autofocus speed is highly improved giving photographers up to 5 times faster performance in a typical fashion set up.

The 645DF also offers a breakthrough workflow improvement -- custom-shooting modes. For the first time in a medium-format camera, photographers can “dial up” a pre defined mode, where the camera is instantly set up for a given shooting scenario, e.g. product, portrait or landscape photography.

Other workflow enhancements include new tactile buttons, a fully sealed eye-cup eliminating ambient light, improved viewfinder masks, and customizable audio feedback e.g. on focus lock. Several custom functions have been enhanced, without compromising simple navigation.

Freedom to choose the best back for you
Phase One builds flexible, open photographic systems to support a professional’s style, needs and working preference. The Phase One 645DF camera supports the world’s finest digital backs, ensuring freedom of choice and investment protection for years to come. It is compatible with digital backs designed for the Phase One / Mamiya AFD mount, including backs from Phase One, Leaf, Mamiya and others.

Pricing and Availability
The Phase One 645DF camera body starts at $5990/€4290 and is expected to ship Q4, 2009. The new leaf shutter lenses start at $2490/€1790 and are expected to start shipping Q4, 2009. All equipment can be ordered now from Phase One and Leaf dealers.


The Phase One P 30+ Camera System is designed to be a seamless extension of your creativity. Extraordinary capture becomes natural through ease of use and direct control. Shoot digital or film with no lens or back restrictions. Take advantage of the Phase One digital lenses or use your Mamiya 645 AF/AFD or Hasselblad V lenses for an even broader choice.

The fast capture rate and powerful moire control makes the P 30+ digital back an invaluable tool for high fashion and people photographers. Combine this with 31 mega pixel captures and unfailing performance and you have an incredibly strong partner for any challenge. In addition, the capacity to shoot at up to 1600 ISO allows you to capture in extremely low light situations.


    1 Hour Exposure - The patent pending XPose+ technology enables noise-free exposures of up to 1 hour. Create fantastic images using extreme light painting or capture great architectural designs at night time.

    Live Preview - The scalable focus window supports an effective workflow on large production jobs between the photographer, the art directors and the stylists.

    Level Meter - The unique and patented high precision level meter ensures a perfect horizontal setup.

    Extraordinary color reproduction - Opticolor+ is a unique image processing algorithm delivering high color accuracy in deep shadows and perfect skin tones.

    Noise-free capture - The Dynamic+ technology ensures less noise at all ISO settings and break limits on the ability to work in very low light.

    Efficient workflow - Capture One is Phase one's RAW workflow software. Capture One provides an efficient workflow and handles the processing of all RAW files, delivering optimized image quality.

    Open platform for shooting digital or film

    Multi-mount for wide selection of lenses

    Advanced camera integration provides digital optical lens correction

    1/4000th of a sec. to 60 min. exposures

    Includes precision manufactured 80mm f2.8 AF lens

    Superior moire control

    New ISO 1600 capacity

    Even better image quality

    Unlimited burst lengths tethered or untethered

    Extreme exposures with XPose+

    Brightest, highest resolution viewing screen available

    Best in class color Live Preview with virtual shutter

September 30, 2010
Phase One announces investment protection plan
Phase One is offering a guaranteed trade-in scheme for customers wishing to upgrade to newer products. Within 6 months of a new product being launched, existing customers can receive up to 90% of their original purchase price against digital backs and up to 50% against camera bodies and lenses.

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CCD Less than full frame CCD
Lens Factor 1.3
Resolution 31.6 mega pixels
Active Pixels 6496 x 4872 pixels
CCD Size Effective 44.2 x 33.1 mm
Pixel Size 6.8 x 6.8 micron
Image Ratio 4:3
Microlens on CCD Yes
Antiblooming 10 f-stops
Dynamic Range 12 f-stops
Storage files Phase One's IIQ RAW file format speeds up the image capture and file transfer & increases the storage capacity by turning the full 16-bit image data into a compact RAW file format. The default IIQ RAW large format is completely lossless.
IIQ Small 22 MB
IIQ Large 35 MB
Color Depth 16 bit per color
Image File Formats TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK, JPEG
Color Management RGB, Embedded ICC profile, CMYK
ISO Sensitivity 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
Capture Time Up to 1.25 sec./frame (depending on camera body)
Storage Security Phase One 3S (Secure Storage System) technology
Battery Type 7.2 V Lithium Ion 2500mAh
Battery Lifetime 3000 captures/4 hours
Exposure Time 1/10,000 sec. up to 1 hour with XPose+ technology
Live Preview Yes
IR Filter Mounted on CCD
Cooling System Passive Cooling and Sleeping Architecture
Power Up Time Less than 2 sec.
Power 8-33 V DC (from FireWire)
LCD Screen Size 2.2"
LCD Resolution 230,400 pixels
LCD Viewing Angle 160°
Models of P+ back mounts Phase One H101: Hasselblad H1 and H2
Hasselblad V: Hasselblad 555ELD, 533ELX, 503CW and 501CM
Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 Pro II
Mamiya 645: Mamiya 645AFD, 645AFDII, RZ67 Pro IID
Contax 645: Contax 645AF
Technical & large format camera support 4" x 5": Arca Swiss, Cambo 4x5, Rollei Xact, Linhof M679/4x5, Toyo, Sinar, Plaubel, Horseman
Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 122°F)
Humidity 15 to 80% (non-condensing)
Lighting Supports all photographic lights: Flash, tungsten, daylight, fluorescent, HMI
System requirements: Mac G4, 500 MB RAM, FireWire interface, Mac OSX
System requirements: PC Pentium III, 500 MB RAM, IEEE 1394 interface, Windows XP/2000
Software Capture One DB or Capture One Pro
Certifications CE
Lens: Optical construction 6 elements, 5 groups
Lens: Angle of view 47 degrees
Lens: Minimum aperture f/22
Lens: Diaphragm Automatic
Lens: Focusing Auto focus/manual
Lens: Minimum focusing distance 70cm
Lens: Maximum magnification ratio 0.15
Lens: Equivalent 35mm focal length 50mm
Lens: Filter size Dia. 67mm
Lens: Lens hood Bayonet
Lens: Dimension 49.5 x 77mm
Lens: Weight 400g
Warranty Phase One warranty

Item Includes
• Phase One 645 Camera Body
• P30+ Digital Camera Back
• Phase One Advantage Certificate
• View Finder Mask (5 Pieces)
• Rechargeable Battery
• Twin 102 Dual Charger
• Power Supply for Charger
• 5 Power Plugs (EU/US/UK/AUS/IEC)
• 4.5m/13.5' IEEE 1394 6/6 Cable
• Synchro Cable Short
• Sensor Cleaning Kit
• Capture One Software CD (Mac and Windows)
• Phase One Warranty


About Phase One
Phase One is the world’s leader in open-platform based medium format camera systems and solutions. Phase One medium format cameras, digital backs and lenses are designed to deliver superior quality image capture and investment value. Phase One’s Capture One software helps streamline capture and post-production processes for both medium format and DSLR cameras. Phase One products are known for their quality, flexibility and speed enabling pro photographers shooting in a wide range of formats to achieve their creative visions without compromise.

Phase One is an employee-owned company based in Copenhagen with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Cologne and Shanghai. For more information about the products, visit the Phase One web site on

Press Release
Phase One Offers Unique New-Product Investment Protection Plan Helps Customers Secure their Investments

COPENHAGEN, September 29, 2010 – Phase One, a leading provider of medium format digital camera systems, today announced an unprecedented new-product investment protection plan.

Effective immediately, Phase One is offering customers security when they buy a Phase One product. Now customers are guaranteed first class investment protection should they wish to upgrade to future Phase One innovations as new products are launched over the coming years.

Eligible customers who have purchased their products from an authorized Phase One partner and wish to upgrade to a new product within 6 months of its official launch, are guaranteed to receive:

  • 90 percent of their original purchase price against any new Phase One digital back launched at a higher price within 18 months of the original purchase date.
  • 50 percent of their original purchase price against any new Phase One camera body launched at a higher price within 24 months of the original purchase date.
  • 50 percent of their original purchase price against any new Phase One or Schneider Kreuznach lens for the Phase One 645 camera platform launched at a higher price within 24 months of the original purchase date.
“Engineering and development is Phase One’s biggest investment,” said Henrik O. Håkonsson, CEO and President of Phase One. “And we are eager to reward customers who have faith in us and invest in our products. Through this Loyalty & Investment Program, we are inviting them to share the benefits of our passion for driving technical breakthroughs and delivering the best possible products to market.”

Phase One professional camera equipment is available only through authorized Phase One partners worldwide. For further details, including how the protection plan works for the purchase of fully-configured camera systems, please see the partner closest to you:

Phase One 645DF Camera

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