Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Medium Format DSLR Camera

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Medium Format DSLR Camera

Mamiya RZ67 Professional Pro II "D" Value Pack Medium Format SLR Camera KitMamiya RZ67 Professional Pro II "D" Value Pack Medium Format SLR Camera Kit is the natural evolution of the legendary RZ Pro II, the industry standard used by many of today's most renowned photographers and artists because of its large 6 x 7cm ideal format negative size, over four and a half times larger than 35mm. The use of digital backs, such as the Mamiya ZD Back or others, is easy through direct, digital communication with the camera body. Also notable are the RZ's ultra- high performance lenses, and multi-format versatility. Distinctive features include a convenient revolving back, bellows focusing, large, bright viewfinder, and extensive system of accessories . Typical internet price $3,995. 

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Type 6x7cm format
Leaf Shutter
Revolving Back
Bellows Focusing
Single Lens Reflex
Format 6x7cm, 6x4.5cm, 6x7cm
Interchangeable Film Magazines Revolving Back
Auto-indexing Film Speed Dial
Dark Slide Pocket
Dark Slide Safety Interlock
Lens Mount Breech-lock Bayonet
Gold Plated Electronic Interface Pins
Lenses System of 18 interchangeable Leaf Shutter Lenses
Shutter Electronically Timed Speeds
8 Seconds to 1/400 Second
1/400 Second Mechanical Override
B and T Setting
Mirror-up Operation
RBL Setting Accepts RB Series Lenses
AEF Setting Accepts AE Finder
Shutter Release

Electromagnetic Release or Standard Mechanical Cable Release,
Electronic Release Cable, Radio or Infra-red Remote Control

Film Advance Single Action 114 Stroke
Optional Motor Winder
Multiple exposure Single Action Multi Switch
Focusing Rack and Pinion Bellows Focusing
Dual Control Rapid/microfine Focus Knobs
Focus Lock
46mm Built-in Bellows Extension
Optional Extension Tubes
Focusing Scale
Exposure Compensation Scale
Viewfinder Standard Folding Waist Level with Flip-up Magnifier
Optional AE Matrix Prism Finder
Optional Non-metering Prism Finder
Field of View 95% with Automatic Masking for Vertical and
Horizontal Revolving Back Position
Viewfinder Status Indicators Shutter Cocking
Battery Check
Dark Slide Position
Audible Warning Signals Incompatible Shutter Dial Setting
Low Battery Level
Lens Shutter Servicing Required
Focusing Screen Standard Type A Matte, Seven Additional Interchangeable Screens
Power One 6V Silver Oxide or 6V Alkaline PX28, 4SR44 or 4LR44.
Do Not Use Lithium Batteries.
 Operates without Battery Power at Mechanical 1/400 Second.
Dimensions 108x133.4x212.5mm (4.25x5.2x8.4")   2490g (5.5 lbs.) with 110mm f/2.8 W Standard Lens and 120 Film Magazine



Mamiya RZ67


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