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Choosing a camera system has profound effects on many aspects of your photo career that go far beyond mere differences in mega pixels or file format. Every aspect of your craft, including the quality of your work, the fees you can charge and the flexibility of assignments you enjoy, rests on your choice of a camera system. Dual format cameras provide a perfect balance of film or digital capture flexibility that no other camera system can equal.

Size Matters Bigger is indeed better! There is simply no denying that as you increase your film or digital sensor size, so increases the quality of your image. Larger film or sensors result in better color and tone, less noise, and greater detail. The bigger format (6x4.5) is nearly 3x larger than 35mm SLRs and 4x or more larger than most D-SLR cameras. The superior image quality is visible not only to you but also to your client and ultimately those who will view your images. In addition, the large viewfinder is an excellent visual workspace for composing images.

Modular Design – Greater Versatility Dual format cameras allow you to configure them to meet your own shooting styles or needs. You may choose different viewfinders, film, instant or digital imaging backs. The interchangeability of these image capture backs provides the flexibility you need to meet the demands of your clients. Today’s dual format camera systems offer you the flexibility to address your clients’ ever changing needs with one camera system.

Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today’s foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results. Engineers at Mamiya have developed rigorous performance criteria for each lens design. No detail is overlooked. No test is omitted.

Mamiya 645 AF Lenses
Mamiya Ultra-Wide-Angle 28mm f/4.5 Sekor D Aspherical Auto Focus Lens The Mamiya Full-Frame, Ultra-Wide-Angle, 28mm f/4.5 Sekor D lens is another in the long line of high-quality Mamiya lenses for their 645AF system. This innovative lens is the first medium format 28mm lens for both film and digital use. The use of high-quality aspheric lens elements produces outstanding optical performance.

In the fine tradition of Mamiya quality lenses, the 28mm f/4.5 lens provides superior optical quality for a wide variety of photographic uses. Photographers from many disciplines will put this lens to good use - commercial, architectural or nature. The aspheric elements deliver true color rendition by steering the light directly to the sensor in a straight line so that there is no color shift - a problem with many lenses used with digital backs. In this way, sharpness and contrast are maximized.

A true benefit of this lens is that it has been designed to work on Mamiya's full line of medium format auto focus cameras - both film and digital. At present, there is no other lens of similar design that meets that specification.

Mamiya Autofocus 645 Lenses

Mamiya 645 Manual Focus Lenses

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